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Jennifer O'Bannon

Jennifer O'Bannon

Editor-in-Chief | Creative Director

Jennifer O’Bannon has over 25 years experience as a Fashion Stylist in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Jennifer is well studied with a degree in fashion. She is known for her classic approach to fashion, combined with a colorful contemporary edge. Her direction gives the Luca brand a fresh take on classic ideals. She has impeccably dressed political figures, corporate executives, and celebrities. She is the former Fashion Director for Pristeen Magazine and a regular contributor to Prestige International Magazine-Paris.

Jennifer has shared her vast knowledge and advice on fashion for The Examiner, Shoptopia, as well as various other media sites. She has often appeared on ABC’s Sonoran Living Live, Fox 10 News, and on CW’s 3TV, as the Your Life A-Z‘s Fashion Expert. Her dynamic fashion presentations have been sought after from classroom students to Fortune 500 companies.

Jennifer was voted Woman of the Year in her profession by the National Association of Professional Women in 2010-2011. She is also a long-time member of Fashion Group International. Jennifer comes from a long line of family in the publishing industry. Her family has owned O’Bannon Publishing in Indiana for over 100 years.

Her multimedia talents are found on runways, national and international magazines, music videos, CD covers, television, and film. Jennifer is poised to make Luca Magazine the leader in teen media.

Christine Robertson

Christine Robertson

Chief Executive Officer

At the age of sixteen, Christine entered the world of  fashion and retail. After several years in corporate retail, she gained expertise in many aspects of building a leading brand. Currently, an Operating Partner of a Plato’s Closet in Arizona and CEO of Luca Magazine, her concentration and focus is based on building integrity and purpose behind both companies. 

Walking the path of purpose is a choice that everyone has. As an advocate for philanthropic campaigns involving struggling youth, she founded, MOVE MOUNTAINS, which is a non-profit organization in partnership with the Children In Need Foundation. The campaign will aid in finding help for those struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, and domestic violence. As a teenager, she too, experienced these struggles and hopes to spread awareness by sharing her story openly.

“I strive to set the example in integrity, work ethic, mentoring and educating. Sharing disappointments and failures that I was able to overcome along my journey to success keeps me rooted in my purpose to uplift a new generation. Self-confidence, self-love and awareness of your talents come from within. I want to uplift by sharing my story, my failures and my disappointments. I carried EVERY negative experience, and collected them like bricks in a bag. Eventually I realized that I didn't have to carry the bag... I started to lay my path to success by learning from my failures; as I continue on this journey, I continue to pave the way. The bricks were used as building blocks, a starting point, to create the success that I experience today. I don't know how long the path is, but I do know that there's always a place to lay the bricks."



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