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We are a quarterly magazine dedicated to the inclusive and positive influence, empowerment, and education of our readers, focusing on ages 16 through 26. We work to empower individuals to live with confidence, boldness, and the courage to make their own paths. Our interviews feature people who pursue their dreams and change the world through their talents, efforts, and generosity. Our fashion and beauty stories are forward-thinking, trendy, and globally-minded. We encourage self-worth through motivational, uplifting, and relevant content from today's world in all areas of the publication. “Luca” means “bringer of light”, and that’s exactly what we aim to do.

Luca maintains that print is an important part of our culture, but knows that the digital age is in its prime. We pride ourselves on building a model where our print content can work hand-in-hand with our digital content and social media. Our print and digital ad sales are intentionally limited, and we seek out companies that have purpose, give back, and care about the world we’re in. Sound like yours? Check out the links below!

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