Tara Gamel


Tara Gamel grew up in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. She always had a passion for art, even at a young age. Growing up in the 80’s gave her an appreciation for pop art, which seemed to resonate with her personality. As a teen, she painted and sold images similar to popular pop artist Patrick Nagel.

She obtained a degree in graphic design in Arizona, but still longed for the process of putting paint to canvas. Tara and her husband created art together for various companies around the Valley of the Sun for many years. After moving out of Phoenix, Tara discovered her love for painting again through close friends who were also professional artists. She began painting pieces for local and national galleries, and sold many works through a national publishing company.

As she grew as an artist, she began to see a change in the way she wanted to create. She attended the Milan Art Institute’s Mastery Program to elevate her skills and discover her artistic voice. Now, she hopes to continue to create art that communicates her ideas and humor while still creating a sense of pleasing aesthetics and thought-provoking visuals for her collectors.

Tara and her artist husband, Stacy, have 4 children together - one who is also a professional artist. They plan to continue to travel, create art, and share their voice with the world.



There is a voice inside of us that we want the world to hear, but it takes being honest about who you are, and being vulnerable with the viewers. I am a middle child, so of course trying to stand out and be heard has always been a part of what drives me. I grew up in a house of women, which included my mom and 2 sisters. We had to learn to be strong and independent and I loved having that strength as I became an adult. As a child it had its disadvantages, but l learned how to cope by bringing humor into every situation I could. I know I’m painting whatever is inside of me that needs to be heard. I try not to plan too much of what I do. It’s always exciting, but it never becomes easy. Not having too much control leads to inspirational moments. I try to convey an idea and a feeling through images instead of words. I love those moments when people connect with my work and say, “Ah, I get it!” It’s a good feeling to know people get you and that you’re not alone in how you think!

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