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Rita painting in her studio...

Rita painting in her studio...

Rita Barakat

"Art is a healthy way to deal with feelings that seem overwhelming or frustrating. Once I get going, those feelings slowly slip away, and I find peace in the stillness of creating."

Luca was so happy to receive an article written by artist Rita Barakat for our Spring Edition. In it, she discusses how she started using art as a way to work through and express her feelings. She shares with us how we too can start using art as a form of therapy, including what supplies we need, how to show what you want to say, and even how to hide a secret or two.

To read the full article, order our Spring Edition in our shop, or pick it up in Barnes & Noble stores nationwide!  

Art Therapy Giveaway!

To celebrate Rita's artwork and generosity, we're giving away two of her paintings! 

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Two of Rita's paintings... one of these beautiful paintings by entering our giveaway!

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