a direct detour to Ashley Gerasimovich

words | Ashley Gerasimovich & Adele Moffatt

photography | Michael Creagh

stylist | Delon

 photography Tina Rowden | courtesy  TBS

photography Tina Rowden | courtesy TBS

Intelligent, bold and selfless are just a few words to describe TBS’s The Detour, Ashley Gerasimovich. Starring as Delilah on the hit comedy show, Ashley is back on the small screen for Season 2 which premiered February 21, 2017. We got to interview Ashley, and Luca has the exclusive for you here.

Acting since she was only five years old, Ashley was inspired by her mom who took her to her first audition. Little did either of them know that one project would be just the beginning.

Her love for acting soon skyrocketed, but to her, acting did not really feel like a job but more so like play time. Before her acting career, Ashley wanted to be an eye surgeon when she grew up! Excelling in school classes, Ashley loves education and her favorite topics are pseudoscience and art. This smarty describes herself as having a quirky personality and believes that:

“everyone should be able to express themselves whatever way they want, and people should be more accepting of that.  If people could learn to appreciate each other, and what makes them great, we would all be happier.”

In her free time, this young starlet volunteers at an animal shelter and works with the kittens. Her hope is for one day all the animals in all the shelters and on the streets get adopted by wonderful families!


  • HER FAVE QUOTE - "Watchadoindurr???" -is from 'The Detour'
  • Two of her favorite hobbies - horseback riding and Tae Kwon Do
  • Her favorite musical group is Twenty One Pilots and she saw them in concert for her birthday!
  • In five years, Ashley looks forward to being in accelerated classes and in ten years she is excited to vote for president.
  • Her spirit animal is a wolf because they are fierce and loyal. They are also the ancestors to one of her favorite animals, dogs!

Last but not least, we asked Ashley if she had any advice for her fans and her response was, “Go for it! Take that extra leap! If it's your passion, you shouldn't think it's impossible. Never give up!”