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Olivia's Review

words | Olivia Stickel


With the rise of the booming beauty industry, there have never been more products, brands, and price ranges available. Consumers can find dozens, even hundreds of different variations of the same item, making the Beauty industry worth a growing $445 billion.

For a bargain hunter like myself, who cannot bear to spend more than $10 on anything, purchasing makeup has become increasingly difficult. The growth of the industry has caused even the basic drugstore items’ prices to spike, meaning the only things cheap shoppers could buy are slowly becoming out of the budget.

However, a company called has answered our prayers. It is a makeup sales website made up of thousands of different items and brands - most at an extremely discounted price. This includes skincare, haircare, makeup, nail polishes, and more, even offering brands such as NYX. The kicker? Almost all of the eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks are “dupes”, or slight knockoffs, of popular and often expensive products for an extremely low price.

Another thing unique to is its reward system. The system is available only on their app, and is as easy as just opening the app and going to your profile. With the click of a button daily, you collect more and more points which leads to moving up in their “card” tiers. Each tier has a new reward, and within a few weeks, you can unlock free shipping on any order. You also earn a point for every dollar spent, and the rewards get better as you move up.



Once I visited the website, I instantly went to the eyeshadow palettes, intrigued by their familiarity. I laid eyes on the brand Bad Habit, which seemed to only produce dupes of either Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda Beauty, or Fenty Beauty palettes. I added the Royals palette that was meant to be the Modern Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills to my cart, which goes for $10 versus the original $42 and happily continued my search. I came across a highlighter by J Cat Beauty that looked astonishingly similar to the Laura Mercier Face Illuminating Powder, and had to buy it as it was $9 compared to $44. I also snagged a primer/finishing spray duo from the brand Rude that was on sale for $5 just for fun.



I was pleasantly surprised when, after ordering my package, I was met with a screen showing the progress of my order. The app even sent me notifications when it moved up a step in the process, and gave me a tracking number so I could always tell where my package was. The box arrived about four days after I ordered it, which to me was pretty fast considering I did not even pay shipping (I earned enough points to move up a tier before I ordered). The box is colored in their signature blush pink, and every product is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap around its packaging and taped. Nothing was damaged and all in all was one of the best packaging for an online order I’ve seen.



Starting with the Royals palette, I could not be more pleased. Do not get me wrong, you always pay for quality and the Modern Renaissance palette is incredible in both pigment and formula. However, the Royals palette is a comparable alternative, and I was surprised to be honest. It swatched beautifully, and applied like a high-end palette should. I expected it to disappear when blending, which happened slightly with the darker colors, but all of the others stayed put. Having bought this palette months ago, it is still a go-to when I want to make a warm-toned look.

The J Cat Beauty highlighter also astonished me. It is a soft formula, making for an extra bright highlight, which I love. The highlighter is also comparable to its high quality counterpart, looking nearly identical to the Face Illuminating Powder. I always reach for this highlighter, as it is such a great price for a great product.

Both the Rude primer and the setting spray work as they should. The primer is a little more liquidy than I normally like, but the setting spray is pretty standard. So all in all, I’d say spending less than $10 on both a primer and setting spray that both work is a pretty great deal.

DSC_0023.JPG proved itself to be a great alternative for beauty products for those who are trying to save some money, and I will definitely be buying from them again and again.


Summer Beauty Bag

Fab! Farsali

Want to know the absolute hottest beauty products on the market right now? They’re almost impossible to keep on the store shelves and they are FABULOUS!

Let’s talk Farsali. Unicorn Essence is an oil free, paraben and sulphate free, dual purpose serum for all skin types. Use it before your moisturizer for free radical protection, or use 2 -3 drops as a primer to make foundation last all day, to keep eye shadow and concealer from creasing, and to fire up your highlighter. Magic!

24K Rose Gold Elixir is a lightweight beauty oil that moisturizes all skin types. Infused with 24 K gold flakes that absorb into your skin, it gives you a radiant, glowing complexion. Wear it alone or mix it with foundation. Use a couple of drops on a damp beauty blender and apply over your foundation to give yourself a gorgeous glow.

Keep your summer skin looking fresh by applying your BB cream or lightweight foundation with one of these fun beauty blenders. They are the perfect tool to apply cream blush or highlighter, too!


Beauty still0076.jpg

Tarte Lip Paints 

Perfect your pout with a gorgeous new Lip Paint from Tarte! Love your lips with this quick drying, matte finish, liquid lipstick that is not only transfer proof but lasts for hours.

Choose from the most beautiful selection of nudes or get vibrant with one of the bold and bright hues.

Whether your look is subtle or strong, tarte has a Lip Paint for you. Pucker up baby! 



Sun & Surf Security 

photography | Isaac Bailey

Here are some sun smart products our beauty team found, that we can't get enough of. They smell GREAT too! Sun damage doesn't start showing up for up to 10 years! So start now and protect yourself! You want to be 30 and still look 20 right?! So start NOW!!


Sun Bum Cool Down Spray ($12) 

Beyond Sun Bum's line of trusted sunscreens, they've added this After Sun product that will help protect, soothe, and moisturize your skin at the end of a long day in the sun.

Surfergirl Suncare SPF 30 (2 for $34) 

Sun and Surf

This tropical smelling, non-greasy sunscreen will protect your skin with anti-aging UVA/UVB ingredients. Made in America.

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist ($13) 

A unique blend of active tanning agents combined with a spray application, work their magic, leaving you with a golden, natural looking tan! For a healthy golden tan all year round.

Lanza Healing Style Beach Spray ($22) 

Creates tousled, beachy waves. The unique formula contains nourishing ocean botanicals and fortifying sea minerals to give hair a healthy, fresh from the beach, look.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Coconut Lime ($8) 

The whole sugar grains provide a gentle yet deep exfoliation. Our scrubs also contain extra-moisturizing Shea Nut Oil to help preserve your skin's natural moisture.


Sun and Surf.jpeg
Soothe Stressed Skin

Soothe Stressed Skin

photography | Isaac Bailey


Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion $8.99

Calms, relaxes and improves well-being.

Tony Moly


Natural sheet mask that brightens skin.

Mario Badescu


Refreshing, gentle pick me up.



Powerful hydration with soft, medium coverage.



Combats stress, harsh climate, and hormonal imbalance.


Soothe Stressed Skin.jpeg