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Growing up in LA was inspiring to me.  I didn’t want to be an actress, but I met a lot of people in the business who were ambitious, artistic, and trying to make big dreams come true.  When I was a teenager, I was watching a political convention and had a lightbulb moment.

What would it be like to be a news reporter?  It seemed interesting.  

Everything I did after that, led me to where I am today.  I researched schools that had strong journalism programs and decided on ASU.  While in college, I worked on the ASU newscast as a news and sports reporter.  I also applied for an internship at one of the TV stations in Phoenix.  I remember the day they were holding interviews.  There were hundreds of people who wanted internships, and only a handful of spots.

I visualized myself in the role, and I believed that I'd get it. Yep, I got that internship!

My schedule became a lot crazier. I interned on the morning show, which had a 3:00 AM arrival time, followed by a full day of classes, reporting for the ASU newscast, work, and homework.   Crazy, but I seriously loved every minute.  I felt like each day I was one step closer to my dream.  After my internship, I was hired on as a writer and worked my way up to reporter, and, eventually, I became the main Anchor.  

For me, truly being happy is having the ability to continue evolving and learning new things. 

Be Inspired by Carey Pena
Be Inspired by Carey Pena

I had reached all of my goals at the news station, I loved so much, and decided it was time to expand.  I launched a Media Firm, Inspired Media 360, or as we like to say IM360.  We are dedicated to the untold, overlooked and flat out inspirational.  I’ve merged my love of telling great stories with the digital world; I’m kind of obsessed with it.  I have a podcast, Carey Pena Reports, a digital TV show, and along with my great team, produce stories and content that go out on our media feed and various social media channels.   I also work with the CW Network hosting a political show, Politics in the Yard.

The best advice I can give no matter what you are interested in doing is push yourself, work really hard, learn as much as you can and BELIEVE.  It is all possible; you just have to have a plan—and pour your heart into it.  


5 AM Wake up call. Get my kicks on and head to the gym!

5:30 AM Meet up with Jesse Holland. He’s my awesome coach who got me into CrossFit and paleo.

6:30 AM Heading home awake and inspired to tackle the day.

6:45 AM Snuggle with my twin 6-year-olds before breakfast and school prep.

7 AM Breakfast. Most mornings I eat turkey bacon or eggs and coffee with coconut milk creamer.

7:15 AM Check Twitter to see what news is trending and what people are talking about. Respond to social media mentions and emails before heading out the door.

9 AM Meet with my awesome team. My columnist Zenobia Mertel and Andrew Jackson, who takes care of my website.

9:15 AM Publish our new columns and content. Talk about branding projects in the works.

12 PM Taping of Politics in the Yard at the CW Studios in Phoenix with our guest Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema.

1:30 PM Back at Inspired Media 360 studios to tape my podcast, Carey Pena Reports. This episode with CEO and founder of Threads Refined, Codie Sanchez Baker.

3 PM Juice break with the producer of my Carey Pena Reports podcast, Shannon Hernandez. We are obsessed with Juice.

5:30 PM Meet up with my friend Suzanne Bissett at the Camby Phoenix.

7 PM Home with my family to make dinner. My daughter has to eat gluten free due to allergies, so we’re pretty healthy around my house.

8 PM After twins go to bed, a final check of social media and a quick run on Pinterest.

8:15 PM One last post to IG before calling it a night! If The Voice is on, I might watch some TV. If not, I check out political news, a documentary, or read and then wind down.

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