Carve the Mark

by Veronica Roth

review | Katie Wisniewski

Veronica Roth, author of The Divergent series, has come to us—finally!—with her new book, Carve the Mark.  The Divergent series certainly had a futuristic concept to it, but I believe this one was even more so.  I’m not normally too keen on this genre, but I am here to tell you that this is worth the read – despite any thoughts you might have upon reading its back cover.  I am so glad that I did!  Further, I can def see this book becoming a series!

The story is set in the future, on a number of planets in a galaxy.  Each of the planets has its special customs and ways of living, but they all live by the “currentstream”.  The current lives in each of them.  Some are favored by fate, but everybody develops a “currentgift” - some beneficial, others that can be easily manipulated against them. 

Akos is from the nation of Thuhve – a peace-loving and family-oriented people.  His love for his family runs deep and evolves into a certain vulnerability.  Across the “feathergrass” (or “The Divide”) is the nation of Shotet and the home of Cyra.  She is the sister of the ruling tyrant of this nation.  Her brother has learned to use her “currentgift” as a torturing mechanism. 

Akos and his brother are captured by The Shotet in a move to gain power and ultimate rule over their planet and the two nations.  As sworn enemies, it is hard for Cyra and Akos to trust each other; however, they must learn to overcome that as their currentgifts benefit each other.  Do they continue to work together despite their given fates, or do they give in to the civil war their two nations are engaged in?