by Cassandra Clare

review | Katie Wisniewski

With the second season of  Shadowhunters just beginning, I figured I would see what the book series was all about.  Something about this genre of fiction always “pulls” at me and I definitely got hooked into this series easily!

What started out as a harmless night out with her best friend at a New York City club, Pandemonium, ended in the witness of a murder and the beginning of a discovery into her own family history for Clary Fray.  Fifteen-year old Clary lived a fairly ordinary life—her mom worked hard to support them while discreetly mourning the very early loss of Clary’s dad when she was young, but it was all doable next to her friend, Simon…  Until that fateful night at the club when she met Jace, a strikingly handsome boy with fair hair and strange tattoos on his body.  

The fact that Clary was witness to this murder has Jace curious.  Normally, “mundanes”—ordinary humans—cannot see Shadowhunters and the creatures that inhabit their world.

Because as Clary finds out, Jace is a Shadowhunter, a demon slayer, of which there are plenty.  The more she is introduced to this world, the more she discovers that the stories about fairies, werewolves, and vampires are true.  All the stories are true.  

It isn’t until Clary and her mom are attacked in their own apartment by a demon that family secrets and memories she doesn’t even remember are revealed to her.  Why can Clary see the Shadowhunter world?  And why has her mom chosen to keep her history hidden from her?

I know I will be binge watching Shadowhunters Season 1 to catch up on the series...Season 2 episodes air  Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.  Check your local listings for it!  As for the other books in the series, I’m already knee deep in Book #3—told you I was hooked!

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