Keep Your Lip Game Strong! Be Bold! Be You-Nique!

words | Corinna Cooke @corinnamakeup

photography |  Kelly Cappelli

styling | Jennifer O’Bannon

This year try layering red and gold eye shadow to make your eye color absolutely sparkle, and complete your look by turning your lipstick into a game of complimentary opposites.

Want to be a scene stealer? Fire up your look with a lip color that sits opposite to your main outfit color on the color wheel.

Crisp apple greens get feisty when paired with a bold, matte red.

Fierce orange tones bring out the best in sultry aubergines.

Autumn's burnt oranges take on a whole new life when positioned against a bold deep purple accented berry.

Create a soft surprise when wearing red. Instead of trying to match it with a red lip use a slightly pink neutral to make your lips look soft and luscious.