Coachella Cool Braids

One of the hottest hair looks for spring is the braid. Whether you are braiding your hair to keep it off your face or to be fun and fabulous, braids are everything this season.

Braids give you a boho-chic vibe, perfect not only for the music festivals (Hello Coachella!) but also for the Luca girl on the go.

A well executed, deconstructed braid can elevate any outfit to the ultimate modern-girl-about-town look, whether it’s a work day, a school day or a Saturday morning cupcake and coffee date with a girlfriend!

We went to world famous braid queen Chrissy Rasmussen of Habit Salon in Mesa, Arizona (catch her on Instagram @Hairby_Chrissy and be completely wowed) for the lowdown on braids for spring. Want to know how Chrissy created these braids?

Check out her braid tutorials on

Coachella Braids