Creating Fashion Editorials 

Words | Jennifer O'Bannon, Creative Director 

photography | Isaac Baily

Jennifer O'Bannon

I grew up in a small rural midwestern community where fashion was not a priority or interest to most. For me, though, fashion was always my way of expression. My first fashion designs for both women and men were scribbled on notebook paper when I was only 6. Soon after, my mom acquired a discarded mannequin, which found a home in my bedroom, posed in the corner for my delight and styling experiments.  

Fashion styling has been my career for many years. As Luca's Creative Director I have the joy of sharing my true joy, fashion editorials!

Fashion editorials are a set of pictorials to tell a variety of tales, thoughts or sensations. In this issue, I have created five fashion editorials. My intention was to create images that would connect to a variety of teen gals. The Rue Oursin editorial designed for an urban street vibe for the bold, adventuresome sort. Pattern Play is a joyful celebration of self-expression for those that color outside of the line.  The Time Traveler is a sharing of my love for vintage fashion as well as my passion for travel. For those who have wanderlust, appreciation for history or just old stuff, here ya go! Then I give an amusing inside peek to America's Next Top Model runner-up and friend Hannah Kat Jones’ quirky side with Hannah Kat Jones in Black & White.

Hope you feel a spark from one of these whether you are on the cheer squad, art student, math club, audiovisual assistant or a track and field star.

I create for you...enjoy,