Dr. Karen Prentice



I got hungry. No, really. All of a sudden I was a working woman, had a husband and baby and we were hungry. I had a lot of nutrition knowledge from college and medical school, but not a clue how to cook. I wanted my baby to be as healthy as possible and eat as healthy as possible--like any parent does. I desperately searched for quick, easy recipes that were healthy. Over time, I developed some cooking skills, had another baby and figured out pretty quickly what the boys would and wouldn’t eat. I made a lot of mistakes which often ended with pizza being called. However, I figured a lot out. As most of you know, we sometimes learn more from our mistakes. Back then, (twenty years ago) when my kids were babies, most kids’ menus were awful and school lunches were not much better. Don’t get me started with the snacks after t-ball! As I learned how to feed my kids healthy foods, I passed on as much information to my patients’ parents that I could. Everyone kept telling me, "write this down!" I finally wrote it down and that is how my book, An Apple a Day the Doctor’s Way: Dr.Karen’s Nutritional Guide and Cookbook, was born.

Now the boys are grown and out of the house. My book just got published so that’s done, and I am the type of girl that likes to be busy. I mean really busy. I usually knit a scarf while I watch a sporting event or movie, I have an organic vegetable garden that is doing surprisingly well, and I am always training for some 10K or ½ marathon (not that I am any good at running). Oh, did I mention I work full time as a pediatrician? My true joy has been spending time with my family and my patients! Oh, do I love the kids and the families that I care for. I love talking with them, teaching them, and watching the kids grow up.




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