So, years after her Harry Potter days, what's Emma Watson up to? No, she's not partying on her million dollar yacht or publicly reaping the benefits of a child star's earnings from the blockbuster collection of magical movies. What's she up to you ask? Check this out!


UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson (centre) visits Mtakataka Secondary School in the District of Dedza where she hears from Stella Kalilombe and Cecilia Banda whose marriages were annulled and they returned to school. Photo: UN Women/Karin Schermbrucker

“Meeting with young girls, who like many in their country, are struggling with poverty and were pressured into early marriage, depriving them of their education in the process, made me realize just how important it is for women to be able to make their own choices,  Ms. Watson, adding: “It’s so encouraging to see how such a harmful practice can be stopped when communities work together to pass laws, and then turn those laws into reality.”

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