Jordan Fisher




From sewing to singing, there’s not much Jordan Fisher can’t do. On an overcast day in Los Angeles, the Luca team was treated with a ray of light: Jordan Fisher. He arrived to his shoot in blue-lensed sunglasses and a bomber jacket, ready to demand the camera. Greeting everyone in the room with a soulful hug, it was immediately clear what kind of person he is. From his beginnings in a small town outside of Birmingham, Alabama, to Broadway, to the stage of Dancing with the Stars, Jordan remains the humble and genuine person his parents raised him to be. A perfect example is the close relationship he has with his groomer, Dusty Starks. As they chat about each other’s personal lives, Jordan loves hearing about what her seven-year-old son is up to! Hopping off the makeup chair ready to shoot, Jordan doesn’t just hug Dusty but embraces her warmly.

Jordan credits his parents with who he is today. Adopted by his maternal grandparents at birth, Jordan felt comfortable sharing his story for the first time this year while on Dancing with the Stars – simply feeling like it was the perfect platform to discuss it. He calls his parents the two most selfless, loving, caring and beautiful people he's ever known. Hoping that his story will touch others, he wanted people to know that parents are the ones who love and raise you.

In addition to his beautiful soul, music is part of Jordan's core. Constantly singing and harmonizing along with the music playing during the shoot, Jordan shares, "I grew up loving Prince and Michael Jackson, but I was also listening to Justin Timberlake, Whitney, Mariah and Tyrese.” Jordan has been writing, playing and creating music from a young age. Beginning with the success of his debut eponymous EP, Jordan Fisher is ready for more. We are loving his new release, “Mess”, co-written by Jordan, Dewain Whitmore, Patrick “J-Que” Smight and Mike Sabath, which showcases a smooth R&B feel. Once singing backup for industry giants, Mariah and Celine Dion, Jordan opened for Alicia Keyes at last year’s Apple Music Festival and is now planning an upcoming tour.

When Jordan was busy finishing his album, he got the call to join the cast of the Tony Award-winning Broadway smash, Hamilton. Jordan, who has been described by the great Lin-Manuel Miranda as “super-talented”, saw a lifelong dream of performing on Broadway come true when he took on dual roles in the musical. Of Jordan's brilliant set of tattoos, he explains his favorite, which is a reminder of his Broadway accomplishments: “My Alexander Hamilton. It was a dream come true for me when I had the chance to play John Laurens/Philip Hamilton on Broadway.” The star has a beautiful portrait of Alexander Hamilton on top of his left forearm to commemorate his time as a cast member on the Broadway performance.


Fortunate enough to meet a few of his alter egos on set, we were in awe (not to mention laughing hysterically) as he channeled each new personality, displaying his incredible acting ability. It’s no wonder he has so many fans and his career is growing steadily. The star is appreciative that he has had to work for where he is now, and it doesn’t look like he has intentions of slowing down any time soon. From Teen Beach Movie, Teen Beach Movie 2, Liv and Maddie, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Teen Wolf, Hamilton, and to his breakout performance in Grease Live!, Jordan is a triple threat.  He also wowed us in his duet with Lin-Manuel on “You’re Welcome” from Disney’s Moana. Jordan has to say of Lin: “Lin-Manuel has influenced me by challenging me to use my brain in every capacity. He is one of the smartest creators I have ever been blessed to know and work with.”

Among these many other things, Jordan Fisher is also well-traveled. He has traveled for charity, pleasure and for work. Modeled by his parents since childhood, Jordan shares, "I am fortunate and I want to give back to others." His charitable endeavors led him to Africa where he got down and dirty building a school for a community in need. More exotic destinations include Ecuador and a two-week trip to The Amazon. Of these and all the other places he’s been, Hawaii is his favorite, “I love Hawaii. It is my happy place.” Often traveling for work, Jordan shares that when he finds himself in a new city, he enjoys going to a local sports bar to watch a game and try a local cocktail or specialty. He believes this a great way to get to know a place – do what the locals do! On any given Friday night in town, however, it’s likely that you won’t find Jordan Fisher partying or at the club. His ideal Friday night would be having his friends over for cocktails, watching sports, and playing games. (Don’t forget my invite, Jordan!) Very disciplined, he’ll end the gathering to hit the hay so he can rest before the next day, which will surely be an eventful one.


Jordan’s schedule is hectic – especially while he was competing on Dancing With The Stars. At the time of the interview, Jordan explained, “Right now, I am rehearsing 4 to 5 hours a day, plus writing new music and making time to hang with friends, family and my dog, which is a priority for me.” He actually told us that Dancing with the Stars was more tiresome than when he was on Broadway in the cast of Hamilton. How could that be? Jordan explained that when he was in Hamilton it was the same thing every night. He would have busy days full of events and filming but when he got to the stage, he was performing a routine he had down pat – every note, every motion was engrained in him. He found performing relaxing even, as it was something very consistent during that time of his career. On Dancing with the Stars however, he had a new dance each week. After killing it one week, he started immediately learning an entirely new dance so that he could kill it again the next. Luckily, Jordan and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, became extremely close friends. They have a lot in common and are close in age, which helps. Jordan says of his partner, “We became friends instantly. She created a fun, safe rehearsal environment. She is a creative choreographer and I just love her. She is very authentic and genuine and she deserves to win this year! Plus, we are both goofy and silly together.” Their success in the competition is likely a side effect of their amazing chemistry.

If someone can be more than a triple threat, that someone is Jordan Fisher. Lucky for us, he plans on sticking around to give the people what they want: “Next year will be busy with new projects on screen, new music and a tour. Can’t wait to share the news with you all as things unfold.” If his new music is anything like his most recent, we’re in for a treat.

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