Sterling Beaumon

Imagine a pizza - topped with pineapple, pepperoni, and jalapeños – pretty unique, right? Well, it's Sterling Beaumon’s favorite. His edgy taste in pizza isn’t enough for? Trust us, Sterling is truly one of a kind. The young star exudes confidence, pursues excellence, and is a prime example that perseverance pays off.

Having acted for two decades, Sterling has appeared in countless plays, movies, and T.V. shows, including Lost, Cold Case, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, just to name a few. Soon we’ll be able to see him starring alongside heavy hitters Edie Falco and Chris Bauer on NBC’s highly anticipated new miniseries, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. Sterling portrays a close friend of one of the Menendez brothers, who is a college hockey player. Considering the star's extensive acting resume and the fact he grew up playing hockey and still does, Sterling is going to kill this role.

Growing up, there’s one thing Sterling wanted to be: an actor. Sterling’s lifelong desire to act has never wavered. He tells us that being a child actor has taught him “that nothing is given to you and that nothing comes easy, you must work for every success you have”. He explains that Hollywood is hard, and is inspired by people who strive for success no matter how many times they’re told “no”. Further, he explains that film and television industry are fully collaborative, so as an actor, he’s just one piece upon thousands that come together in order to produce a movie or show. When he sits down to watch one of his projects, he is in awe of everything that his colleagues have put into it. Sterling is proud of his work.

As a child actor, Sterling’s younger years were anything but typical. He grew up being friends with other child actors, a group who today refers to themselves as “The Child Actor Mafia”. These are Sterling’s best friends and people he spends his time with when he’s not filming or playing hockey. He elaborates about the group, “We grew up together and graduated together all in this crazy town that people call Hollywood.” Sterling compares the friendships within the mafia to the lifelong friendships other people form during high school and college. Who else is in this elite group of accomplished youngsters? Sterling can’t help but chuckle, “There’s quite a few members of this Child Actor Mafia, and they know who they are.”

Sterling is fascinated with Old Hollywood, and it’s no wonder why. A Cali boy through and through, his family tree is deeply rooted in L.A. His great uncle and grandfather were both actors in the 1920’s and appeared in iconic films such as The Wizard of Oz and The King of Kings. Sterling carries on their legacy, each day living his dream of acting and working towards becoming a producer and director. He looks up to actors like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon: “I want to be a producer as well, and I want to be directing hopefully at some point, but really producing and making projects actually happen is a really big dream of mine. Those are guys who started really young doing something like that with Good Will Hunting and have continued to act, direct and produce throughout their careers.” With his talent and tenacity, we bet Sterling will be producing in no time.

Perhaps Disney? Once the star of the Disney movie Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out? and having been in a Disney Cruise line commercial, some may refer to Sterling Beaumon as a “Disney star”. The Hollywood heartthrob says of his relationship with Disney, “Once upon a time, I was in the Disney family and I would love to be again, in another capacity.” Maybe one day he’ll be directing or producing for them, should they be so lucky.

Not only does Sterling have great friends (and an amazing jawline), but he also has a huge heart. Due to his busy schedule, he is unable to perform charity work as often as he’d like, but once a month or so he volunteers at The Dream Center in Los Angeles. A young actress and good friend of Sterling’s, Madeline Caroll, started an outreach program with this amazing organization in order to bring opportunity to people who are down on their luck and to also feed the less fortunate. This experience is why Sterling sometimes finds himself using the phrase, “What would Madeline do?"

Take just a quick glance at any of Sterling’s social media persona and you’ll see why we’re completely obsessed with his style. An avid reader of GQ, he describes his style as this - “A good mix of both street style and formal wear. You’ve got to know how to dress it down and have some street style and also know the proper ways to tie a tie and have your cuff links on. It’s a matter of having harmony of both; I feel someone that does it really well is David Beckham - that’s good style.” Sterling also finds inspiration from his friends and Instagram. He's also fortunate enough to work with some amazing stylists. Whether he’s wearing jeans or a tuxedo, we can’t get enough of him.

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