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Luca recently had the opportunity to chat with the incredible Tyler Henry, a medium featured on the E! Network. We were obsessed with season one of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry and are now fully enthralled with the second season. Upon meeting him, we were immediately taken with his calming demeanor, quick wit and his charming personality. Over the course of an hour, he took us through how he got to be where he is now, and at the end, we asked him to pick a few words to describe himself:


Intuitive. Tyler first realized he had a gift at age 10, after his grandmother fell ill with cancer. He said that at one point, he just knew that his grandmother was going to pass away. He went to tell his mother, but before they were able to walk out the door, she received the call that his grandmother had passed away. But, “…having one premonition was very different than just doing readings as I do now. So it took some time to really understand what I was feeling…” As his understanding of his abilities grew, he found himself surrounded by many supportive people. The kids at school thought it was entertaining when he would share, and his teachers would meet with him after class to tutor him in exchange for readings.

At the age of 16, Tyler started doing readings in small bookstore, but within a year of taking clients by word-of-mouth, he started getting calls from directors and producers out of Hollywood. Thus, he would spend weekends commuting from the small town of Hanford, CA, where he grew up to Los Angeles (his mother would drive as he didn’t yet have a license) to do readings and attend events and parties. At one of these parties, he happened to briefly meet a producer who, while interested in a reading, also turned out to be a bit of a skeptic: “For some reason, I just felt like I was meant to meet him, so I just said, ‘You know what? Let’s do it. I’m not sure how it will go, but let’s set it up.” That reading the following day turned out to be life-changing for the both of them – the producer became a believer and set up Tyler to try and share his gift on a larger scale. E! ended up offering a show with a celebrity angle and by the age of 19, Tyler had moved to the middle of North Hollywood.

Introverted. This change in scenery was huge for a self-described shy and introverted small-town boy: “I went from being in an environment that was very desolate and rural, to being kind of surrounded in the middle of not only a city full of people, but an industry that was really intense. So it was really an adjustment, but I loved it.”

Pensive. When filming, Tyler can only do about two readings per day, as they can sometimes take as long as four hours. Off-camera, up to four readings can be done. With busy days like these, he says his routine is, “…kind of a process of either preparing for a reading or coming down from a reading.” He starts his day often trying to eliminate distractions – focusing and meditating to prepare for the day ahead of him. This is particularly important when heading into a reading:

“I would say that there’s many keys to clarity, but for me, the most significant key to really tuning in is eliminating fear. And fear is something we go throughout our lives with, but it can block us up, and the same is true when I go into a reading. I have to make sure that I’m putting aside the expectation of the clients, my own expectations, any fear of what’s going to come through – I really have to consciously make an effort to put that to the side and just be a clear vessel for information to flow. So, my routine really revolves heavily around trying to calm down, trying to relax, and really just trying to feel an inherent sense of trust.”

But the day ends for Tyler opposite how it starts – by filling his life with distractions! He particularly likes putting on loud music, or heading out into nature and taking himself out of his work mindset. After a recent move to the mountains, he has been enjoying hiking and has even taken up oil painting! But he sticks to landscapes – not just another connection to nature, he says, “I feel like if I paint people, I might be in trouble, because with my luck, I’d start seeing their loved ones as I’m trying to paint them. So I just stick to painting flowers, apples…” He also says he has a passion for learning – reading articles, watching the news, “…I like being a bit of a sponge, and it’s just enjoyable for me.” – then passing along the information he has learned.

Compassionate. Tyler shared a couple of readings with us that have been particularly meaningful: One can be seen at the end of this season of his show, when he had the chance to meet Alan Thicke. During his reading, Tyler sensed a profound connection to Alan’s heart, which was really emotional to experience considering his untimely death shortly after. But there was a silver lining: “Because before he passed away, he got the validation from a lot of loved ones that there was an afterlife and that there was a peaceful place.” In the episode that shares this reading, Tyler was able to meet with Alan’s wife, which was especially profound.

The second reading he discussed was with a private client who was in her 40’s and diagnosed with terminal cancer. She chose to have her reading filmed for private use, to give to her then six-year-old son to watch when he grows up so that he would know that his mother would always be with him. He recently received news that she had passed, and reflected on their time together, stating, “…I felt so honored to be able to give that validation for someone who needed it most.”

In fact, when asked what the most rewarding part of sharing his gift has been, he says that being able to provide validation for the people he meets has been the most profound part of the job: “Anyone can tell you that your loved one loves you, but it really takes the validation behind that and the information and the details that make a person leave an experience and know they had a real, sincere, authentic connection and that’s really my goal.”

Funny. “I laugh at my own jokes, but that’s all that matters.” Luca couldn't agree more.


Tyler says about his book, Between Two Worlds, “…I thought in order to really tell that story of how I got here, I had to tell the stories of the people that I’d met and read and all the spirits that came through that helped form how I do what I do in the now.” And we here at Luca definitely recommend it. Tyler hopes that, if his fans aren’t able to have a personal reading with him, they are still able to benefit from watching what happens in his show or by reading his book, “…and maybe find a little bit of healing for themselves. That’s the goal.”

Catch intuitive, introverted, compassionate, funny, and - we think truly wonderful - Tyler Wednesdays on E!

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