Violett Beane



Apparent in her daily mantra - the beauty is in the journey, our gorgeous Texas Native cover, Violett Beane truly has a zest for life.  We are obsessed with her, and after sitting down and getting to know her better, we fell even more in love.

These days Violett is super busy as the red leather clad speedster, superhero Jesse Quick in The CW series of the DC Comics ‘The Flash’. She loves portraying this character and thinks she’s a great hero because “Jesse has a lot of heart which I can relate to. She cares deeply about her family and friends which ends up being both her strength and her weakness. She's always there to protect people, but to be a hero, you have to walk a line between justice and mercy and sometimes Jesse's empathy can affect her judgment.” Along with the television series, Violett recently finished shooting the powerful documentary, Tower (executive produced by Luke Wilson and Meredith Vieira) which depicts the UT shooting in 1966-the first mass school shooting in America’s history. She portrayed Claire Wilson, who was eight months pregnant during the shooting and lost her baby and boyfriend on that tragic day. "Being able to play Claire was an amazing experience because she gave me such a different outlook on life-- one filled with positivity and reparation,” according to Violett.

Growing up in Austin, Violett fell in love with performing and took theater all throughout middle and high school. Surrounded by her mother, who was an art teacher and artist herself, and her brother, who she says can play pretty much any instrument you hand him, Violett's life has always been filled with creativity. Though she always knew she was meant to perform in some way, it was not until her senior year of high school that she turned her focus to TV and film. She knew she wanted to do something in the entertainment world. During her senior year when all her friends started applying to colleges, she did not go the traditional route. Realizing that she wanted a career in acting, she signed with a local agency, started auditioning, and then destiny! 

Even the reasoning behind her name took in root in film. “My mom and dad were watching a subtitled Spanish film about five sisters who lived on a farm. A mysterious man came to work on the farm and fell in love with the sister named Violetta. My parents loved her name so much, and found out it translates in English to Violett.” Living in Austin was ultimately what led her to what she's doing now. She shares that Austin is such a wildly creative place. After recently moving from Austin to Los Angeles, she’s finding that the pace in Los Angles is much different. “ I miss Austin so much, the amazing tacos, the crazy music festivals, and all of my friends that I grew up with. I think in a couple years, I will call LA home 100%, but anytime you move to a new city you have to give it a while to get adjusted. My mom and brother both live here now as well and it's kinda hard not to be happy, and it's always so sunny and bright!”

When not acting, Violett is passionate about supporting environmental and animal causes like “Meatless Mondays” with The Humane Society Of The United States, abortion rights, ending rape violence and gun control. Violett also enjoys watching ‘Fixer Upper’, doing DIY renovations of her home and spending time cuddling with her bunny, Milo. She is most proud of her work ethic that has allowed her to support herself and the life she wants to live at a young age in addition to the fact that she’s raised the cutest bunny alive! “I love to go hiking, play tennis, bake cupcakes, and travel!” Her boyfriend of 4 years still makes her heart skip a beat. “We met when I was still in high school, so technically he's my high school sweetheart. We just really get each other, and he's so incredibly supportive of everything I want to do, which is a really important thing to have in a partner.”

We find her Instagram posts hilarious. With a great sense of humor, Violett admits she digs memes and cat videos and after all, who doesn't? Her most recent playlist includes an eclectic mix of Fleetwood Mac, Julia Michaels and Childish Gambino. Binge watch Violett in Season 3 of The Flash on Netflix and also find her in the powerful documentary, Tower-available on iTunes and Netflix. Inspired by the interview, we feel Violett is definitely finding beauty in her journey.

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