Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

words | Melissa Olsen, Core Body Pilates

photography | Isaac Bailey

This is a great pose to strengthen the legs and ankles. It also stretches the back of the legs, opens the hips, and improves a sense of balance.

 photography Isaac Bailey

Start in mountain pose, (standing tall with feet together.) While balancing on one leg, hold the big toe of your lifted foot, open your hip, and gradually extend your leg out to the side. 

Tips & Variations - Keep your back straight, shoulders soft, and chest open. Slowly move into the pose while breathing through the pose to help find your center and clear your mind. If you have tight hamstrings, use a strap looped around the sole of your foot. To deepen the pose work on straightening the lifted leg and bringing the nose to the leg. To extend this pose for a longer period, support the raised leg with a chair. Place the chair close to the wall and press your heel firmly into the wall, keeping your leg active.


Just getting started? Here are a few tools to make your yoga journey safer, more effective and more fun.

Yoga mats protect your spine, knees, and hands from hard surfaces. The mat is the most basic equipment that every beginner should have.

Belts help you stretch and extend to positions you can't reach. They will help you become flexible faster.

Blocks stabilize positions you lack the strength and flexibility to hold on your own.