Coachella Fashion 2017

By Hannah Kat Jones

Last weekend was non-stop entertainment. I went with a friend of mine from Los Angeles. We decided to drive out early Thursday to beat the weekend rush. 

I didn't have much time to pre-plan outfits. With only an hour or two to pack before leaving for La Quinta, California, I threw the necessities into my suitcase. Keeping in mind I had three days to plan for in the desert climate (hot days and chilly nights) having versatile options of lightweight clothes and layers was key. I grabbed multiple options for each: bikinis, one pieces, jean shorts, hats, sunglasses, head bands, flower crowns, boots and sandals. Items that proved to be most important in the desert were things that protected me from the dust. Having a lightweight scarf was great to shield my face from air thick with dirt and smoke. 

During Coachella, we ran from one stage to the next, so comfortable shoes were a must. On Friday, I wore my favorite biker boots which I could survive a zombie apocalypse in. I realized saving my cuter, low heeled shoes for the last day would save me from dealing with any residual blisters or soreness.

I brought a backpack dedicated to toiletries and cosmetics. Deciding that outrageous amount of glitter and bronzer are completely acceptable for the weekend, I made sure to bring as much as possible. Additionally, having ample amounts of sunscreen and face wash definitely came into good use.

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