The Luca Girl’s Guide to Gorgeous Summer Skin

words | Corinna Cooke
images | Patrycja Korzeniak

Here at Luca Magazine, we believe the ultimate accessory for summer is a gorgeous, glowing complexion. Summer wardrobes show more skin – our shoulders are out, we see arms and legs and décolletage, so it’s more important to have a radiant complexion than at any other time of year!

Are you wondering how to get that gorgeous glow? Put down the shimmery highlighter, step away from the glittery bronzer, and let’s strip it back to basics. Great skin starts with great skin care, so we teamed up with Z Skin Cosmetics, a 100% organic skin care line that you may have seen on American Idol (ahem – hellooo Katy Perry!), to bring you the low down on getting gorgeous skin for summer.


1. Keep it clean

It all starts with the perfect cleanse. If you have an oily complexion or live somewhere humid, you may be better with a cleansing wash. If you have dry skin or live somewhere dry, look for a gentle cleansing milk or oil. Just make sure you cleanse your skin before bed, every night.

z skin facial spray.jpg

3. Well-Toned


We spritzed our model with Z Skin Cosmetics’ Face Lift Toner. This one helps minimize any fine lines and adds a hydration boost. It also feels refreshing and lovely.

z skin moisturizers.jpg

5. Hydrated skin is happy skin!


Use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and for your climate. Heavy moisturizers and humid weather don’t make a great team. Lightweight moisturizers and dry weather don’t pack enough power. If you are traveling, make sure you pack a moisturizer suitable for the climate you are going to, and use one at home that meets your needs locally. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day!


7. It's Not About That Bass! 

Summer skin needs less foundation, not more. If you have to wear it, keep your base as sheer as possible.

z skin coffee scrub.jpg

2. Exfoliate


We used Z Skin Cosmetics Coffee Face Scrub to prep our model’s skin. Using an exfoliator regularly throughout the summer helps to keep your complexion clear and radiant and also helps to prevent the excess oils, perspiration and humidity from clogging up your pores.

z skin spot treatment.jpg

4. Spot Treat


Don’t squeeze any pimples that come to play, zap them with a dab of spot treatment instead. Banish: Breakouts and Blemishes makes them all but disappear in front of your eyes!

z skin under eye cream.jpg

6. Eye Love


Don’t forget the delicate skin around your eyes! If your face is all glowy but the skin under your eyes looks dry and tired then you will look tired. Be sure to use a good eye cream morning and night to keep your eyes looking vibrant and alert.

And finally, #8. Don't forget to hydrate!
Are you drinking enough water? Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water per day and avoid sugary sodas and juices. Fabulous complexions need extra water!


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