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It Begins with Pins

Hair | Andy Biggs



Keeping the middle part, Andy took two sections of hair on each side and twisted them back, securing them in a basket weave pattern with bobby pins and Aquage Finishing Spray. Loose waves with texture completed the look.

Andy started this look by spraying the roots with label.m Texturizing Volume spray to create volume and grit for hold. Then he took the middle Mohawk section and did a French fishtail braid to just below the crown, securing it with a clear rubber band. Taking sections from each side just above the ear and crisscrossing them down the back to form a loose Dutch braid, he anchored it into a low ponytail with the ends left soft and wavy.

Andy Biggs' Fashion Week 2017 Hair

hair | Andy Biggs

This look with a hard middle part and a soft wavy texture created by the 1.25 inch curl bar from Hot Tools. Andy first sprayed dry hair with Get Layered Hairspray from Big Sexy Hair. Curling the hair away from the face and leaving the ends out to make it look more undone. Andy finished the look with Hair Shaker, a liquid to powder texturizing finisher by Joico.

At New York Fashion Week, messy buns were the staple for hair trends this season. To create this look Andy pulled the hair into a high ponytail, securing it by an invisabobble, loosely wrapping sections around it, leaving some pieces out while anchoring the rest with bobby pins.

Andy says remember not to try and make it look tidy – messy is good!



There is nothing more classic than a ponytail. A high ponytail is so fun and flirty you can almost never go wrong with it. Use the Wet Brush $10 to brush it into place and then secure it with a hair elastic.

Low pigtails can be so sweet and innocent looking, yet so easy. They can also be messy, and loose or sleek depending on your mood. Use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray $27 to give your hair a beachy texture.

Throw & Go

photography | Isaac Bailey
styling | Jennifer O'Bannon
makeup | Corinna Cooke
hair | Andy Biggs

On days you wake up late and need to go...check out these options for a chic look that'll last all day.

A simple low, loose side braid is always an easy way to look cute! It’s also perfect for keeping your hair out of your way. Use Label M Texturising Volume Spray $16.50 to keep the braid from slipping.

You can never go wrong with a half up, half down look day or night. Just backcomb the crown for height and secure the half up with an elastic. Use Aquage Finishing Spray $24 to tame the flyaways.


Throw and Go1.jpeg

Decades of Dos

photograph | Sylvia Hardt
styling |  Jennifer O’Bannon
makeup | Lillian Fogel
hair | Amy Freudenberg

Hair today is not necessarily gone tomorrow. Styles recycle, and in some ways, never really go away.

Find a favorite decade for your personal flair.


full body w TV 1105.jpg

Beach Ready & Brave the Wave Braids

photography | Isaac Bailey
makeup | Heather Wilson
words & hair | Andy Biggs
model  | Ford/RBA


Beach Ready & Brave the Wave2.jpeg

This modern pompadour was created by braiding the underneath hair and then pinning it up and out of the way. Finish with Cityswept by Bumble and Bumble $31 for texture and separation.

Apply Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil by Bumble and Bumble $40 to dry hair, then rake your fingers through your natural texture to create volume.

Curly Girl = It Girl

photography | Sylvia Hardt
styling | Jennifer O'Bannon
hair | Suzanne Bell & Abby Runyan
makeup | Celestial Williams

This playful updo was created by pulling all the hair through a hair donut and then haphazardly pinning hair around the donut. Use a holding product like Defining Creme by Bumble and Bumble $31 to give your curls shape and definition.

Wear your hair in a curly topknot by pulling into a high ponytail, then wrapping and pinning hair around the ponytail while leaving the ends out. Finish with a soft pomade like Semisumo by Bumble and Bumble $29 to create an undone look.


Tyler Guthrie for Luca Magazine