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Interview with Deanna Lee

interview | Hannah Kat Jones

I Am Genie and Hannah Kat Jones teamed up to surprise Deanna with a fashion shoot in downtown LA! Click here to read more about I Am Genie's incredible program and read some of Hannah's interview below!


Favorite Colors:

Purple and yellow

Favorite Sport & Team:


Favorite Food:


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HKJ: How did you feel prior to your shoot for LUCA Magazine?

DL: I didn't know exactly what to feel but I felt chills all over my body...not sure if it was the excitement or the nerves!

HKJ: What was your favorite part about the shoot?

DL: The fact that every single person who was there that day made me feel so comfortable and confident that I could do this shoot! Good vibes all that morning

HKJ: Did you learn something about modeling that you didn’t know before? What would you share with readers so that they can follow your footsteps?

DL: I say take it {the opportunity to collaborate} because you never know what you are capable of. You can show others that not everyone is perfect as those top models! You can influence a person's life in a positive way and that's what I want to do.

HKJ: After the shoot did your perspective about modeling or fashion change? If so, how?

DL: One of the first things I learned was how much of fashion photography is a group effort. And its not only just the model and photographer! it is the stylists, the makeup team and photographer who are God! Shout out to them!

HKJ: For 2017, what message would you like to send to girls around the world who are growing up, facing challenges of their own and finding themselves in the world? what you would tell your younger self if you could?

DL: Be a risk taker and challenge yourself to see and try new things and look at things in a different perspective You yourself have the opportunity to succeed only if you take on those challenges to become a greater and better individual!

HKJ: How can readers follow your journey?

DL: Follow me on Instagram @deeanuh and Snapchat: dea_nuh


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