Kenny Holland

Catchin' up with kenny 

Recently, the Luca ladies had a chance to meet the very talented and incredibly dreamy Kenny Holland. This charming young singer/songwriter was in the midst of preparing for his upcoming nation-wide tour, but took some time with us to share about his passion for performing and writing music.

LUCA: What made you start writing music?

KH: I wrote my first song when I was twelve years old about a girl who I had a crush on. It was absolutely terrible, but I guess I've always written music to put my feelings and emotions into words; into a masterpiece. It helps me get my thoughts out.

LUCA: How and where do you find your inspiration to write music?

KH : I find all of my inspiration…in real-life experience. Anything that I've talked about in a song has happened to me in one way or another. My weakness for girls is a very big source of inspiration for me. I do like to write love songs because I appreciate romance and love. Definitely life, girls, and anything real that has ever happened to me is where I find inspiration.

Kenny Holland

LUCA : What is your favorite part about what you do?

KH: I have battled this question often as I chase my dream because your perspective changes and your goals shift due to certain circumstances. Right now, I love connecting with people and giving people a source of inspiration through the music I create. Other artists have inspired me through their music, and that is what I hope to do for others.

LUCA: Who is your biggest musical influence?

KH: Hands down John Mayer. I enjoy all sorts of music but John Mayer is my very favorite musician.

LUCA: You are about to start your tour to promote your EP, Beginnings. How do you feel about touring?

KH: Touring is amazing. It is a childhood dream of mine, so the fact that I get to do it right now is absolutely insane.  My favorite thing to do in the world is sing a song on stage for an audience and for the audience to know the words. IT IS THE COOLEST FEELING ON EARTH. However, touring is not always easy because a lot of times you are just getting by with food and transportation. You crash on couches or sleep on floors just to get to the next city; you're almost kind of homeless for an extended period of time, but it is all worth it.

LUCA: What's your top 10 playlist for music right now, and for all time?

KH: Right now, I’m listening to the Weekend, who just dropped a new album. I’m listening to Frank Ocean’s album a ton – I didn’t listen to it when it first came out, but I’m listening to it a lot right now. One Republic’s new album. Those are the three huge albums from the last year that kind of stuck with me. As for my all-time playlist, I would pick John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, All-Time Low, Mayday Parade, the Beatles, and a few more. I just love music, I love all music.

LUCA: What is the most important thing you've learned on our journey as a singer/songwriter?

KH: The most important thing I’ve learned on my journey is simple: the key to life is love. Once you’re in a place where you can find a genuine love for everything and everyone, then you can really reach your full potential and be your best self. I wasn’t born that way – I wasn’t born with that attitude. It was taught to me through my experience as a musician because in the creative process, you are relating to other people and you truly have to put yourself in other people’s shoes. It puts you in this place of zero judgement, and once you find that peace within yourself, with others, with everything around you and find genuine gratitude for it, I believe that is when you’re at your true center and your true full potential. That’s what I really want as a musician and it has been quite a process, but I’m incredibly grateful for it. All you need is love.

LUCA: Where do you see yourself at the end of this year?

KH: At one point or another I might have said, I’d like to see myself playing Madison Square Garden or reaching for these high goals that are unattainable, but in my life right now it's important to be happy and just be myself. So now I see myself continuing to live this way, which is happy and positive and trying to attain greatness for others as opposed to myself.