Know Your Tone

words |  Corinna Cooke, Celebrity Makeup Artist @corinnamakeup

Do you ever get completely overwhelmed in a makeup store, standing in front of all those colors, wondering what's right for you? Maybe you just spent your hard earned money on the coolest new makeup colors, only to get home and find they don’t look good on you, but look amazing on your best friend? I’m going to share with you two major beauty secrets that every makeup artist knows!

Know Your Tone

Secret Number One: Eyeshadow must not match your eyes.

Don’t choose eyeshadows that are the same color as your eyes. Matching the same color eyeshadow to your eye makes your eye dull down and disappear. Use the opposite color on the color wheel and watch your eyes pop!

Secret Number Two: Undertone is everything!

The most important factor when choosing a color for lips, cheeks, and the face is the undertone of your skin. To make it easy, let's break it down into two categories. You’re either a warm toned girl, with undertones of yellow, olive or gold (J.Lo, Jessica Alba or Selena Gomez), or you’re a cool toned girl, with undertones from ivory through pink and beige (Anne Hathaway, Elle Fanning, Emma Stone).

If you're a warm toned girl, you need colors with a warm base – orange based reds, coral based pinks, and foundations and powders with a warm yellow base.

If you are a cool skinned girl, your foundations and powders need to have a pink, beige, or ivory base. You're also better off with blue based pinks for your cheeks and blue based reds on your lips.

Yellow foundation on cool skin does not look right. Blue based pink blush on warm skin is also a no no!