Life Just Got Real

by Sadie Robertson with Cindy Coloma

review | Katie Wisniewaski 

This novel is a quick, intriguing read whose narrative alternates between two high school teenagers that could not be any more different from each other. AJ has recently moved to Nashville with her Mom and brother.  Hailing from a backwoods Louisiana town, she is tomboy through and through—she grew up fishing and four-wheeling with her Dad and two brothers.   Kate Kelly, on the other hand, grew up in Nashville surrounded by the lavish lifestyle that comes with a father who is a top executive in the music industry.   

Being the new girl at the small and fancy, private high school (that somebody has mysteriously paid for) in town, called Westmont, comes with its challenges and attention-grabbing hysterics.  Not only does she grab the attention of Kate’s brother, Kaden, but she is also tapped as a co-star next to Kate in the piloted reality show, Real Life.  Navigating the rocky waters of her new life, AJ realizes that she has lost sight of God and His voice in her life. She seeks out the path He has laid out for her by reconnecting with Him.  It’s only through this focus that she realizes that life in her new city just might not be that bad.  And, as unpleasant as AJ’s arrival to town was, Kate recognizes that maybe, just maybe, they can actually become friends.  

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