Lindsey Morgan

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Most of you know the beautiful Lindsey Morgan as the badass genius Raven Reyes on CW’s hit show, The 100.  Luca fell in love with her instantly when she wrote a powerful piece for us back in our Spring Issue.  Immediately we wanted more from the actress, but had to squeeze in an interview and photo shoot months later when her busy scheduled would allow. It was so worth the wait.

Growing up in Texas, Lindsey was always interested in acting and theater but was also initially pretty shy about pursuing it. She shares, “As I was graduating high school, I really felt if I don't go for this now, I'll always be wondering 'what if'. I decided to double major in theatre and journalism in college and found my first agent. I dropped out of college after my sophomore year and moved to LA. Dropping out and moving across the country wasn't on a whim. I had some major 'life signs' that pointed me there and I felt 'time and youth' were so important in the industry, that I could always finish college later if acting didn't work out. It was very impulsive, but I never second guessed it.”

Lindsey Morgan took that risk and it has paid off, but her success did not come without hard work. "I, thus, started my journey to become a working actor in LA, taking as many classes as I could, absorbing knowledge everywhere, reading anything, asking for advice and making a TON of mistakes. I finally found great representation from the help of an amazing acting teacher and General Hospital was my third audition that led to a six year contract role. It was my first 'REAL' gig. I still felt like I didn't know what I was doing half the time, but I was hell bent on figuring it out." Lindsey truly believes that acting is a craft, an art form, and like any craft, you must practice at least 10,000 hours to master it. She continues to hone her craft, still in class, trying to broaden her strengths and knowledge.

As far as her roles, Lindsey feels honored to portray such a strong character like Raven Reyes. “She [Raven Reyes] embodies so much strength, passion and intelligence, vulnerability but resilience. I think she is a fantastic role model for anyone, including myself. She never gives up and whatever she faces, she thinks a way through it or at least tries. The ‘never say die’ attitude is something I love so much about her. I hope other people can resonate with her, anyone with struggles or a disability (physically, mentally, emotionally) can find solace and inspiration in her strength to endure and conquer. I think she is also a rare character. It is surprisingly and unfortunately hard to find a female character on television that is a woman of color, disabled, a super genius, sexy and still kicks a ton of ass. She is never stereotyped by her 'labels' but instead defies them all.”

Not only has Lindsey Morgan been killing it on The 100, she’s also continuing to add to her impressive acting portfolio. She just completed her fave role to date this summer in an indie film called Summertime. "I play a 23 year old dancer from Long Island, New York, named Debbie - a complete 180 degrees from Raven Reyes (who is my other favorite role to date). I loved how different they were and just how fun it was to step back in time to the 80's and live like that." Having a chance to live in Brooklyn for a month and a half was a dream come true for Lindsey. Based on a real person, the upcoming film chronicles the life of Debbie Espinoza, a 23-year-old recent college grad from Long Island. Debbie is trying to pursue her dream to be a dancer on Broadway. Set in New York in 1983, Debbie is described as the 'new age' girl who is sassy as hell and thinks she's worldly. Lindsey shares, "In the end, my character learns something about herself from someone she least expected.”

Although she once compared herself to the very serious and disciplined Raven, Lindsey admits she has loosened up a bit over the years. She is incredibly grounded, and at this point is just trying to have more fun. Fun for her includes the outdoors and travel, so she's always trying to find a way to experience nature and Earth. As far as travel, “It's been one hell of a year... I've done the most traveling I've ever done! I counted and it's close to about 60 different hotel rooms, apartments, and air bnbs that I've been in and out of, but it's taught me so much. If not traveling then, sleeping. Napping is her favorite pastime.  Lindsey's beauty begins with a good workout, drinking a ton of water and getting lots of rest. In the past, she used to be a night owl, thinking she should stay up longer to work, read, study or watch some new show. "Now," she says, "I'm all about sleep and meditation. I think I feel the most beautiful when I'm at peace."

That said, what inspires an actress as talented as Lindsey Morgan? “I garner inspiration from all kinds of places, but I really am most inspired by living people. I love autobiographies. It always amazes me what people can go through and become, regardless of their circumstances, and create their dream life. I also love a lot of music, but it must have good lyrics. I find the poetry in the lyrics and love the expression of emotion through song. If I'm working on set, I usually have a go-to character playlist.” Lindsey also finds inspiration in helping others. "Right now I'm doing some work with the Red Cross in my hometown of Houston, where Hurricane Harvey just hit. I am also trying to find ways to help with Puerto Rico during my hiatus."

Take a look at Lindsey’s social media and you’ll see, she’s got great style. How does she define it? “I love anything Alexander Wang, he's feminine with just enough edge and masculinity. I also really love Alexandre Vauthier, if only I could afford any of it. I usually stick to staples like my everyday Nikes, Rag and Bone jeans and James Perse. My IRO black leather motorcycle jacket is essential.” Not only does Lindsey use her social media to express her amazing style or amazing travels, she also uses it to speak for others and vocalize causes she deems just. “I think sometimes it's difficult to share your political opinions as an actor because you don't want to offend any of your fans or who knows, someone that may give you a job in the future, but I feel there are some issues that are more important than being liked by everyone or a job. There are some issues in our life we have to take a stand for, regardless of how it may affect our standing with others.” We couldn’t have said it better, Lindsey.

Although Lindsey despises talking about herself, she has great awareness and intuition about situations or circumstances.  She is very empathetic and really enjoys giving herself to others, to uplift or make them laugh. "I sometimes think that's what makes me a good actor, my empathy and my desire to give. I think it's my best quality." People often tell her that she gives good advice and has great perspective. Her best advice to others? "I think the best thing is to be honest and true to yourself. If you aren't, what's the point?

At her photo shoot, she radiated beauty, kindness and yes, badass confidence. She is excited for the future, as are we. When we asked what can we expect to see happen at The 100 Convention in Madrid this March, she replied, "A very happy Lindsey, lots of dancing and lots of paella! Spain is one of my favorite places in the world, so I am very excited to go back and meet our Spanish fans!"  Keep an eye out for Lindsey in The 100 and her upcoming film Summertime. We can't wait to see where Lindsey's career takes her next. And for us, good things come to those who wait.

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