Earning Cash For Gifting



If you capitalized on the free or affordable summer ideas provided in the last issue, you may still have enough cash in the piggy bank to spend on one of the most fulfilling activities this upcoming holiday season: gifting! If you don’t have enough cash, here are some simple ideas to raise some significant gifting capital this fall.

1. Host a garage sale. Find the excess in your house, and negotiate with your parents or guardians a percentage share of the revenue. Offer to coordinate it all, and market it on free social media sites and apps. Many free websites will walk you through how to host a garage sale. Remember, one person’s excess is another person’s treasure!

2. Donate gently used clothes to consignment stores like Plato’s Closet. Dig through your closet and dresser, and look for articles of clothing that you do not wear frequently or that you outgrew. Items to sell also include accessories like belts, hats, shoes, and eyewear. The better the condition and the more current style, the better the payout. Remember, there is a difference between what you have and what you need!

3. Ask parents in your neighborhood, church, school, family, etc. if they could use a babysitter for date night. Find a simple résumé template online and market your trustworthiness, responsibility, and relevant leadership experience. Word of mouth advertising through your parents goes a long way as well!

Whether you’re selling your parents on hosting a garage sale or a neighborhood parent to hire you as a babysitter, always explain your motivation to raise money for holiday gifts.Whatever you decide to do, smile, have fun and learn along the way. The hard work now will make giving next holiday that much more worth it and fulfilling!

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