Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine.

by Boaz Yaking, Jennifer Li Shotz and Sheldon Lettich

review | Katie Wisniewski

When Kyle, a Marine serving in Afghanistan, is killed while in action his family is left broken-hearted.  The only thing he’s left behind is his locker filled with his belongings and a German Shepard that served alongside him in the war.  Max, the military-trained dog, is equally as lost without his handler.  So lost, in fact, that he has been deemed as unfit to return to service work.  

Kyle’s family agrees to take Max in, essentially saving his life.  Justin, Kyle’s younger teenage brother, is charged with the care and responsibility of Max, although he really wants nothing to do with him.  It seems, though, that Justin is the only person that Max has taken an interest in since his owner died.  

With the help of Carmen, a family friend, and a dog whisperer of sorts, Justin learns how to work with Max as a very intelligent animal who only wants to please those around him.  Both of them begin the painstaking process of trusting each other and realize that they need each other more than they think.  Justin helps Max regain his confident, valiant self.  And Max aides Justin in his dangerous endeavor to discover the circumstances surrounding his brother’s death.  Their success gains the respect from Justin’s father, and the pair find each other as best friends.  

This is now a major motion picture, and I encourage you to watch it, too!


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