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Luca Summer 2018 Gregg Sulkin.png

Gregg Sulkin

words | Daniel Larsen
photos | Andrew Gleason
groomer | Elie Maalouf
stylist | Jennifer O'Bannon

Beyond fashion, beauty and entertainment, the essence of Luca Magazine is positivity and the mantra that you get out of the world what you put into it; In fact, the name Luca means “bringer of light”. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Gregg Sulkin after our interview and photoshoot, it’s that he too is truly a bringer of light. The star seems to be endlessly optimistic – it’s no wonder Hollywood welcomed him when he arrived young and bright-eyed: “I entered this industry when I was thirteen years old. I was extremely fortunate to book the lead role in a feature film called Sixty Six after my first-ever audition. Helena Bonham Carter played my mother. I have continued to work on television and in film for many years. Now, a decade later, I am on a Marvel television show so thankfully, to date, it has all worked out according to plan. I realize I have been fortunate, but at the same time, I definitely have faced rejection. I’ve always believed that the sign of a true champion is how they respond to a defeat or rejection, so it was vital that in those moments, I responded with positivity and self-belief.” Looking at the glass as half-full and keeping his eye on the prize have been keys to Gregg’s success, “Thankfully over the past decade I’ve been able to continue to grow as an actor. That is what is most important to me.”

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Luca Magazine Gregg Sulkin 1.png

words | Daniel Larsen

photos | Angela Marklew

From sewing to singing, there’s not much Jordan Fisher can’t do. On an overcast day in Los Angeles, the Luca team was treated with a ray of light: Jordan Fisher. He arrived to his shoot in blue-lensed sunglasses and a bomber jacket, ready to demand the camera. Greeting everyone in the room with a soulful hug, it was immediately clear what kind of person he is. From his beginnings in a small town outside of Birmingham, Alabama, to Broadway, to the stage of Dancing with the Stars, Jordan remains the humble and genuine person his parents raised him to be. A perfect example is the close relationship he has with his groomer, Dusty Starks. As they chat about each other’s personal lives, Jordan loves hearing about what her seven-year-old son is up to! Hopping off the makeup chair ready to shoot, Jordan doesn’t just hug Dusty but embraces her warmly.

Jordan credits his parents with who he is today. Adopted by his maternal grandparents at birth, Jordan felt comfortable sharing his story for the first time this year while on Dancing with the Stars – simply feeling like it was the perfect platform to discuss it. He calls his parents the two most selfless, loving, caring and beautiful people he's ever known. Hoping that his story will touch others, he wanted people to know that parents are the ones who love and raise you.

In addition to his beautiful soul, music is part of Jordan's core. Constantly singing and harmonizing along with the music playing during the shoot, Jordan shares, "I grew up loving Prince and Michael Jackson, but I was also listening to Justin Timberlake, Whitney, Mariah and Tyrese.” Jordan has been writing, playing and creating music from a young age. Beginning with the success of his debut eponymous EP, Jordan Fisher is ready for more. We are loving his new release, “Mess”, co-written by Jordan, Dewain Whitmore, Patrick “J-Que” Smight and Mike Sabath, which showcases a smooth R&B feel. Once singing backup for industry giants, Mariah and Celine Dion, Jordan opened for Alicia Keyes at last year’s Apple Music Festival and is now planning an upcoming tour.

When Jordan was busy finishing his album, he got the call to join the cast of the Tony Award-winning Broadway smash, Hamilton. Jordan, who has been described by the great Lin-Manuel Miranda as “super-talented”, saw a lifelong dream of performing on Broadway come true when he took on dual roles in the musical. Of Jordan's brilliant set of tattoos, he explains his favorite, which is a reminder of his Broadway accomplishments: “My Alexander Hamilton. It was a dream come true for me when I had the chance to play John Laurens/Philip Hamilton on Broadway.” The star has a beautiful portrait of Alexander Hamilton on top of his left forearm to commemorate his time as a cast member on the Broadway performance.



Fortunate enough to meet a few of his alter egos on set, we were in awe (not to mention laughing hysterically) as he channeled each new personality, displaying his incredible acting ability. It’s no wonder he has so many fans and his career is growing steadily. The star is appreciative that he has had to work for where he is now, and it doesn’t look like he has intentions of slowing down any time soon. From Teen Beach Movie, Teen Beach Movie 2, Liv and Maddie, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Teen Wolf, Hamilton, and to his breakout performance in Grease Live!, Jordan is a triple threat.  He also wowed us in his duet with Lin-Manuel on “You’re Welcome” from Disney’s Moana. Jordan has to say of Lin: “Lin-Manuel has influenced me by challenging me to use my brain in every capacity. He is one of the smartest creators I have ever been blessed to know and work with.”

Among these many other things, Jordan Fisher is also well-traveled. He has traveled for charity, pleasure and for work. Modeled by his parents since childhood, Jordan shares, "I am fortunate and I want to give back to others." His charitable endeavors led him to Africa where he got down and dirty building a school for a community in need. More exotic destinations include Ecuador and a two-week trip to The Amazon. Of these and all the other places he’s been, Hawaii is his favorite, “I love Hawaii. It is my happy place.” Often traveling for work, Jordan shares that when he finds himself in a new city, he enjoys going to a local sports bar to watch a game and try a local cocktail or specialty. He believes this a great way to get to know a place – do what the locals do! On any given Friday night in town, however, it’s likely that you won’t find Jordan Fisher partying or at the club. His ideal Friday night would be having his friends over for cocktails, watching sports, and playing games. (Don’t forget my invite, Jordan!) Very disciplined, he’ll end the gathering to hit the hay so he can rest before the next day, which will surely be an eventful one.



Jordan’s schedule is hectic – especially while he was competing on Dancing With The Stars. At the time of the interview, Jordan explained, “Right now, I am rehearsing 4 to 5 hours a day, plus writing new music and making time to hang with friends, family and my dog, which is a priority for me.” He actually told us that Dancing with the Stars was more tiresome than when he was on Broadway in the cast of Hamilton. How could that be? Jordan explained that when he was in Hamilton it was the same thing every night. He would have busy days full of events and filming but when he got to the stage, he was performing a routine he had down pat – every note, every motion was engrained in him. He found performing relaxing even, as it was something very consistent during that time of his career. On Dancing with the Stars however, he had a new dance each week. After killing it one week, he started immediately learning an entirely new dance so that he could kill it again the next. Luckily, Jordan and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, became extremely close friends. They have a lot in common and are close in age, which helps. Jordan says of his partner, “We became friends instantly. She created a fun, safe rehearsal environment. She is a creative choreographer and I just love her. She is very authentic and genuine and she deserves to win this year! Plus, we are both goofy and silly together.” Their success in the competition is likely a side effect of their amazing chemistry.

If someone can be more than a triple threat, that someone is Jordan Fisher. Lucky for us, he plans on sticking around to give the people what they want: “Next year will be busy with new projects on screen, new music and a tour. Can’t wait to share the news with you all as things unfold.” If his new music is anything like his most recent, we’re in for a treat.


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Luca Summer 2018 Levi Meaden.png

Levi Meaden

words | Grace Tobin
photos | Andrew Gleason
groomer | Lellis
fashion stylist | Veronica Graye

Levi Meaden is ready for his close up in the new film Breaking In. This blonde heartthrob is not a man typical of his generation, as his favorite films include Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard and his experience in the industry comes from studying writing and directing in Prague. His favorite part of studying there?: “The history and art in the city really lends itself to the imagination. There is no shortage of locations or story ideas that city can give you. It also has great film traditions - in fact, one of the oldest film schools in the world, FAMU, is in Prague.” His passion for the craft, along with his drive to see the world of Hollywood from a new perspective, contribute to make him an up-and-coming star who directors cannot get enough of...


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Luca Magazine Levi Meaden 1.png
Luca Summer 2018 Jordyn Jones.png

Jordyn Jones

words | Daniel Larsen
photos | Samantha Annis
makeup | Erin B Guth
hair | Tonya Le
styling | Erin MacDonald

A blonde-haired beauty, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Jordyn Jones. The young star is a talented dancer, actress, and singer. And after living in Los Angeles for the past eight years, Jordyn has built up quite a successful career to prove it: “I’ve had so much fun working on different television shows, such as Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Kids’ Choice Awards, Dancing with the Stars and Shake It Up! As an actor, I starred in the Youtube Red movie Dance Camp, and of course now I am playing the lead in Overnights!” Her newest role as Mack in Overnights allows Jordyn to further develop her career, as well as inspire her fans. She shares, “What I would want my fans to take away from my role as Mack is that you can overcome anything in life! I was sent away because I was making bad decisions, but I had a dream of being an artist, got thrown an offer, and took it. Whether or not something may seem like a bad idea, just forget all the negatives and go for your dreams.”

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Luca Magazine Jordyn Jones 1.png

Chloe bennet

words | Gerry Strauss
photography | Andrew Gleason

hair | David Wall
makeup | Kira Nasrat
fashion stylist | Sonia Young
sittings editor | Jennifer O’Bannon

She’s only in her mid-twenties, but one look at her resume might suggest that Chloe Bennet has already lived a thousand lives… and really fun ones at that! A Chicago native, Bennet left home at the tender age of 15 and became a teen pop star in China (yes, you read that correctly).

Her early international fame would be a career peak for most, but it was simply part of Chloe’s origin story. Next stop? Hollywood, where she battled ethnic discrimination while struggling to find success as an actress (she’s been very vocal about the fact that her career outlook improved only after changing her last name from “Wang” to “Bennet”).

Despite the industry’s long-standing biases, the cream eventually rose to the top when Chloe landed her trademark role as “Daisy Johnson” aka the super-powered inhuman known as “Quake” on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. With so many of her interviews focused on uber-confidential details about her show’s upcoming plot twists, we were happy to chat with Chloe about… well, Chloe!

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Cameron Boyce

photography | Andrew Gleason
hair and makeup | Elie Maalouf
fashion | Veronica Graye
sittings editor | Jennifer O’Bannon

There’s not much Cameron Boyce can’t do. Aside from being a successful actor – gracing screens both big and small – he is a dancer, a friend, an animal lover, a philanthropist and so much more. Something Cameron isn’t? A morning person. The heartthrob tells Luca of his daily life, “One thing you can always count on is me having trouble getting out of bed...Besides that, every day is different. Sometimes it comes with preparation, sometimes it comes with action. The beauty of what I do is that there is no routine. No flow. I can’t ever commit to anything because my job as an actor pulls me in a million different directions. I love it for that.”

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Lindsey Morgan

words | Daniel Larsen
photos | Angela MArklew
sittings editor | Jennifer O'Bannon
hair | Michael Kanyon
makeup | Elie Maalouf
wardrobe  Adena Rohatiner

Most of you know the beautiful Lindsey Morgan as the badass genius Raven Reyes on CW’s hit show, The 100.  Luca fell in love with her instantly when she wrote a powerful piece for us back in our Spring Issue.  Immediately we wanted more from the actress, but had to squeeze in an interview and photo shoot months later when her busy scheduled would allow. It was so worth the wait.

Growing up in Texas, Lindsey was always interested in acting and theater but was also initially pretty shy about pursuing it. She shares, “As I was graduating high school, I really felt if I don't go for this now, I'll always be wondering 'what if'. I decided to double major in theatre and journalism in college and found my first agent. I dropped out of college after my sophomore year and moved to LA. Dropping out and moving across the country wasn't on a whim. I had some major 'life signs' that pointed me there and I felt 'time and youth' were so important in the industry, that I could always finish college later if acting didn't work out. It was very impulsive, but I never second guessed it.”

Lindsey Morgan took that risk and it has paid off, but her success did not come without hard work. "I, thus, started my journey to become a working actor in LA, taking as many classes as I could, absorbing knowledge everywhere, reading anything, asking for advice and making a TON of mistakes. I finally found great representation from the help of an amazing acting teacher and General Hospital was my third audition that led to a six year contract role. It was my first 'REAL' gig. I still felt like I didn't know what I was doing half the time, but I was hell bent on figuring it out." Lindsey truly believes that acting is a craft, an art form, and like any craft, you must practice at least 10,000 hours to master it. She continues to hone her craft, still in class, trying to broaden her strengths and knowledge.

As far as her roles, Lindsey feels honored to portray such a strong character like Raven Reyes. “She [Raven Reyes] embodies so much strength, passion and intelligence, vulnerability but resilience. I think she is a fantastic role model for anyone, including myself. She never gives up and whatever she faces, she thinks a way through it or at least tries. The ‘never say die’ attitude is something I love so much about her. I hope other people can resonate with her, anyone with struggles or a disability (physically, mentally, emotionally) can find solace and inspiration in her strength to endure and conquer. I think she is also a rare character. It is surprisingly and unfortunately hard to find a female character on television that is a woman of color, disabled, a super genius, sexy and still kicks a ton of ass. She is never stereotyped by her 'labels' but instead defies them all.”

Not only has Lindsey Morgan been killing it on The 100, she’s also continuing to add to her impressive acting portfolio. She just completed her fave role to date this summer in an indie film called Summertime. "I play a 23 year old dancer from Long Island, New York, named Debbie - a complete 180 degrees from Raven Reyes (who is my other favorite role to date). I loved how different they were and just how fun it was to step back in time to the 80's and live like that." Having a chance to live in Brooklyn for a month and a half was a dream come true for Lindsey. Based on a real person, the upcoming film chronicles the life of Debbie Espinoza, a 23-year-old recent college grad from Long Island. Debbie is trying to pursue her dream to be a dancer on Broadway. Set in New York in 1983, Debbie is described as the 'new age' girl who is sassy as hell and thinks she's worldly. Lindsey shares, "In the end, my character learns something about herself from someone she least expected.”

Although she once compared herself to the very serious and disciplined Raven, Lindsey admits she has loosened up a bit over the years. She is incredibly grounded, and at this point is just trying to have more fun. Fun for her includes the outdoors and travel, so she's always trying to find a way to experience nature and Earth. As far as travel, “It's been one hell of a year... I've done the most traveling I've ever done! I counted and it's close to about 60 different hotel rooms, apartments, and air bnbs that I've been in and out of, but it's taught me so much. If not traveling then, sleeping. Napping is her favorite pastime.  Lindsey's beauty begins with a good workout, drinking a ton of water and getting lots of rest. In the past, she used to be a night owl, thinking she should stay up longer to work, read, study or watch some new show. "Now," she says, "I'm all about sleep and meditation. I think I feel the most beautiful when I'm at peace."

That said, what inspires an actress as talented as Lindsey Morgan? “I garner inspiration from all kinds of places, but I really am most inspired by living people. I love autobiographies. It always amazes me what people can go through and become, regardless of their circumstances, and create their dream life. I also love a lot of music, but it must have good lyrics. I find the poetry in the lyrics and love the expression of emotion through song. If I'm working on set, I usually have a go-to character playlist.” Lindsey also finds inspiration in helping others. "Right now I'm doing some work with the Red Cross in my hometown of Houston, where Hurricane Harvey just hit. I am also trying to find ways to help with Puerto Rico during my hiatus."

Take a look at Lindsey’s social media and you’ll see, she’s got great style. How does she define it? “I love anything Alexander Wang, he's feminine with just enough edge and masculinity. I also really love Alexandre Vauthier, if only I could afford any of it. I usually stick to staples like my everyday Nikes, Rag and Bone jeans and James Perse. My IRO black leather motorcycle jacket is essential.” Not only does Lindsey use her social media to express her amazing style or amazing travels, she also uses it to speak for others and vocalize causes she deems just. “I think sometimes it's difficult to share your political opinions as an actor because you don't want to offend any of your fans or who knows, someone that may give you a job in the future, but I feel there are some issues that are more important than being liked by everyone or a job. There are some issues in our life we have to take a stand for, regardless of how it may affect our standing with others.” We couldn’t have said it better, Lindsey.

Although Lindsey despises talking about herself, she has great awareness and intuition about situations or circumstances.  She is very empathetic and really enjoys giving herself to others, to uplift or make them laugh. "I sometimes think that's what makes me a good actor, my empathy and my desire to give. I think it's my best quality." People often tell her that she gives good advice and has great perspective. Her best advice to others? "I think the best thing is to be honest and true to yourself. If you aren't, what's the point?

At her photo shoot, she radiated beauty, kindness and yes, badass confidence. She is excited for the future, as are we. When we asked what can we expect to see happen at The 100 Convention in Madrid this March, she replied, "A very happy Lindsey, lots of dancing and lots of paella! Spain is one of my favorite places in the world, so I am very excited to go back and meet our Spanish fans!"  Keep an eye out for Lindsey in The 100 and her upcoming film Summertime. We can't wait to see where Lindsey's career takes her next. And for us, good things come to those who wait.

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Welcome to the Big Time, Madison Iseman

Words | Gerry Strauss
photographer | Gilles Toucas
sittings editor | Jennifer O'Bannon
hair | Michael Kanyon
makeup | Elie Maalouf
fashion stylist | Adena Rohatiner

From two seasons on the CMT hit show “Still the King” to a blockbuster big-screen role in the Dwayne Johnson-starrer “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, Madison Iseman’s beauty and acting abilities have been on full display on both the big and small screens for some time now. Born in South Carolina, it wasn’t long before the West Coast came a’calling, and a flurry of head-turning roles on hit TV shows like “Modern Family”, “Henry Danger”, and “The Real O’Neals” quickly put her on the path to even bigger and better things in the form of a regular role alongside multimedia heavyweight Billy Ray Cyrus on “Still The King”. Amazingly, this 20-year old dynamo’s feet remain firmly planted on the ground, even as her career continues to skyrocket. We chatted with her about rubbing elbows with A-listers, teaching Jack Black how to be a teenaged girl, and staying true to her values when life gets crazy.


Luca:  Many people have gotten to know you from watching you on two seasons of CMT’s comedy series, “Still the King”, alongside Billy Ray Cyrus.  What was it like working with such a veteran of the entertainment world. 

Madison:  He is one of the most interesting, amazing people I have honestly ever met in my entire life. I've learned so much from working with the guy. “Still the King” was my very first series regular. It was the very first time I've been on a show for more than three consecutive episodes. So he was just a dream to work with. He's so nice, so friendly, was willing to help out with anything, just cared so much about the work, which was a breath of fresh air because sometimes people can just get comfortable, you know? And he was always wanting to make the best product and have the best performance. Plus, he’s so funny. You wouldn't really picture Billy Ray as the funny guy, but his sense of humor is absolutely amazing. He’s such a cool dude and he's kind of a legend, you know? Like, he was a legend in my parents' time, and then for us, we had Hannah Montana, so I mean, everyone knows Billy Ray Cyrus.


Luca:  On the big screen, the world has gotten to know you from your recent role in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, a blockbuster that allowed you to share the spotlight with megastars like Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart. How impactful was that experience for you?

Madison:  I still have a hard time processing it. It was just so fast and surreal, you know what I mean? It just never really hit me.  It was a quick audition process, and it was such a big project, so I was like, "Oh, I'll go in for this, but I probably won't get it." And the first time I went in, my agent called me and said, "Oh my God, they loved you. They want to bring you back to the producers," and I was like, "Oh, okay, cool." So I went back, still thinking “Oh, you can't get it." I literally went in twice, and then I got it, and it just never really totally hit me.

    They flew us out to Hawaii at the very beginning of production for table reads. I had never been to Hawaii before, and that alone was awesome. Then we walked into the table reads, and I sat in between Jack Black and The Rock, and it was just weird, you know? When in your life are you ever gonna sit next to Jack Black and The Rock?


Luca:    Is there a particular charity or cause that you are involved with or learning about?

Madison:    I try to stay involved as much as I possibly can, especially with things that are super-current, like everything that was happening with Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. One of the charities I've worked with since I was 15 is a smaller charity called Start With One – Kenya. I have actually traveled with them out to Africa. Before I even moved to LA, I was in South Carolina and I went with my church, and they're just a great organization. They install water filters into people's campsites and homes so they can have access to clean water. I’ve stayed in touch with them throughout the years and try to help out as much as I can.


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2017Fall Social Media Banner.png

Madelaine Petsch

words | Daniel Larsen
photos | Angela Marklew
sittings editor | Jennifer O'Bannon
hair | Michael Kanyon
makeup | Elie Maalouf
wardrobe | Adena Rohatiner

On a blistering hot Los Angeles morning, Madelaine Petsch arrived for her cover shoot with Luca, wearing her signature Prada sunglasses and a smile on her face. Just off an early-morning flight from Vancouver, she had been filming late into the night. One might expect the star, or at least her smile, to fade throughout a day in a studio without air conditioning and full of people – but that’s not Madelaine. Wardrobe change after wardrobe change, she owned the camera as you can see in these flawless images. After hours of slaying look after look in the California heat, Madelaine was off to conquer the rest of her demanding schedule with her smile still intact. A natural in front of the camera, her upbeat attitude and lively personality made Madelaine a joy to work with. You may have seen the talented young actress in the CW's hit show Riverdale portraying the fabulous Cheryl Blossom, one of the show’s chic lipstick-clad leading ladies. With her gorgeous auburn hair and natural beauty, Madelaine is most definitely easy on the eyes; however, it’s quickly apparent she’s so much more than just her looks. With her kind heart, genuine charm, and quick wit, it’s no wonder people are falling in love with the young starlet – she has a personality that is impossible not to be attracted to. I was fortunate enough to ask her some questions and get to know her better.

Do you have any ritual that gets you in the zone before you start filming?
Honestly, the minute the lipstick & the heels are on, Cheryl is in charge.

What do you love most about Cheryl?
Her layers. She’s so complex and, as an actor, that’s really what you want in a role. She challenges me and pushes me every single day.

Is it fun to play a bitch?
I don’t see her as a bitch, once you get to know her more, you realize she’s just a broken, lonely little girl hoping to figure out who she is at some point and dying for some love. That being said, she does have some GREAT lines that are very fun to deliver. Never a dull moment.

Who is more bougie, you or Cheryl Blossom?
Definitely Cheryl. I’m not particularly high maintenance, I like to have nice things but I enjoy the more simple parts of life.

Is there any aspect of your life in which you consider yourself the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge)?
Only when I’m Cheryl Blossom. I’m definitely a take-charge type of person, but I’m never the ‘head bitch in charge’, that’s more of an attitude I choose not to have.

If Cheryl’s secret weapon is lipstick, what’s yours?
My biting wit.

Cheryl suspected a culprit using her “twintuition”. Who is someone in your life that you have “twintuition” with?
My mother. I swear every time I’m about to pick up the phone to call her, my phone rings and it’s her. It’s crazy.

What do you think viewers can learn from Riverdale, and more specifically, from Cheryl?
That’s the beautiful thing about art and media, there’s never one specific thing you’re trying to convey. Art is so subjective; the viewer will take away the lessons they need to learn. However, I do hope that the younger viewers see that you can be strong and single. I feel like the media (especially for the younger generation) portrays this idea that you always have to be in a relationship and that’s so stressful for kids. Hopefully our show can participate in and support the notion that you don’t have to be with someone to be a significant person, like Cheryl.

You seem to be really close with your cast mates. How often do you see each other when not filming? What do you like to do on days off from filming?
We are definitely a family. We see each other more often than not when we aren’t filming – do weekly get-togethers and dinners. We are always with each other. Some of us will get together and go to the gym or go do meals on days off that we share. We love biking around the water or just enjoying the beautiful city.

Will you be watching the Riverdale season 2 premier? If so, where and with whom will you be watching?
I’m certain I’ll be watching! Where, I couldn’t tell you, depends on my, and everyone else’s, shooting schedule. That’s a question you’ll have to ask Roberto, 'the man in charge'!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Continuing doing what I’m doing, and being more immersed in the film industry as well.

Aside from the next issue of Luca Magazine, what would you recommend a friend to read?
My most recent favorite read was a book called Prozac Nation, I highly suggest it.

How did you become a board member of the Environmental Media Association?
I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of their awards ceremony last year and shortly thereafter I reached out and asked how I could be more involved. This year they just recently invited me onto the board and I’m so beyond honored.

Where does your passion for the environment come from?
My parents. I was raised eating out of my dad’s garden on a plant-based diet by a family who is very environmentally conscious, it was never a choice to be passionate about the environment, it was a part of me from the second I was born. I was raised to be very aware of my impact on the planet and to do my part in helping this planet that we inhabit.

How long have you lived a vegan lifestyle?
I’ve been plant-based my whole life.

What is your favorite vegan dish?
I’m really into a good salad – as long as it has some good leafy greens and some quinoa, I’m set.

We heard through the grapevine that you like to rap Eminem at karaoke. Is that true? If so, what’s your go-to song?
It’s true, you heard it here first: I rap "Lose Yourself" at karaoke.

As an actress, what would mean success for you?
To continue acting in such fulfilling roles and being in the entertainment industry for the rest of my life. That’s all I want.

Can you please give us 3-4 of your most endearing personality traits?
That’s completely subjective. I had to phone a friend on this one and ask my mom what she thought. Her answers were: my quick wit, the way I show affection to the people I love, my generosity, and my empathy.

In contrast, can you give us 3-4 quirks or minor characteristics that make you, you?
Well first and foremost, I make the world’s strangest facial expressions without trying (they’re even weirder when I try), my tendency of switching accents in the middle of a conversation, and my love for all things Harry Potter.

We noticed that you’ve gained a lot of followers, particularly on Instagram, in a short amount of time. Has this sudden increase in popularity affected your daily life?
Yes and no, I try not to pay too much attention to social media. That being said, a lot more people recognize me and know the show so in that aspect, yes. It’s quite cool how well received the show has been. We are all so passionate about it; it’s great to see that the viewers are too! It’s all thanks to them.

To date, Madelaine has over four hundred thousand followers on Twitter and over two million on Instagram and it’s easy to see why! A passionate actress, environmentally conscious, and a Harry Potter aficionado; we bet you didn’t know there was so much to love about Madelaine Petsch. Here at Luca, we love Madelaine like she loves Good & Plenty. It’s a pleasure to watch her transform into Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale and an honor to have such an enthusiastic, well-spoken, and stylish talent on our cover. This fall, you can see Madelaine reprising her role in season two of Riverdale (WE.CANNOT.WAIT) A rising star, Madelaine Petsch has already left her mark on Hollywood, and we have a feeling she’s just getting started.

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Pollyanna McIntosh

words | Daniel Larsen
photos | Gilles Toucas

Pollyanna McIntosh turns heads every time she walks on set, whether it be as a director, producer, or actor. You may have seen her in the film The Woman or in her recurring role as Jadis in the The Walking Dead, or a number of indie and foreign movies. The trilingual, Scottish star was raised in Scotland, Portugal, and Colombia before eventually moving to London at the age of 16. As a childhood hobby, she acted in regional theater. Eventually modeling and playing small roles would lead her to begin a degree in theater, an arena in which she would end up producing and directing. After some times in theater, Pollyanna took the next step in her career, “Love took me to LA at 22 and it was there I started auditioning for more film....My first American film was produced and directed by an Emerson graduate: Andrew van den Houten..." Thoroughly enjoying the initial experience, she has since filmed two more movies with van den Houten. She shares, "It's great to work with people who have been there with me since the start of things.” She has definitely found her niche and feels, 'if anything defines my career it's playing weird, off kilter characters." Although The City of Angels obviously treated Pollyanna well, the The Walking Dead star is no longer living in Los Angeles. “I've relocated to Atlanta for the show ‘til the end of the year, so I'm discovering this new city and I love it.”

She’s an intriguing and talented woman, but we’ll add “hard working” to the list of words we’d use to describe the star. “If it's a work day, I'm up at 4 AM and drive to work where I check in, pop into my trailer to find my costume hung up waiting for me. Then it's off to the makeup and hair trailer where we play music and chatter away as the skilled team bring our characters to life with hair and makeup. It's always a warm environment on The Walking Dead with Andy (Andrew Lincoln) leading the charge for a super positive, fun, and kind atmosphere. He plays great music in that trailer, too. Heading to set is always exciting. After work, I'll look at what I have the next day and chill out or I'll have dinner with some cast or crew.”  A perfect example of someone doing what they love, Pollyanna says of being on The Walking Dead, “It's like nothing I've experienced. The fandom is so strong and working on the show itself is an absolute dream. Great writing, great cast, and such creativity!”

Bold patterns, bright lips, and her trademark bangs; Pollyanna’s style is eye catching. It’s impossible not to love her looks whether she’s on the red carpet, hanging with friends or fans, or on screen wearing an outfit that was chosen for her. She has to say of her style, “I love vintage, color, and a bit of kook or edge. I think my aim is generally to bring a bit of fun. I'm inspired by people like (David) Bowie, Debbie Harry, Bjork, and 70’s rockers; people who did their own thing.”

Being a talented celebrity comes with many praises and awards as Pollyanna has found out. An Instagram site has most recently has praised Pollyanna’s her armpits. She definitely takes it in stride.“There's no end to the strangeness that being considered a celebrity can bring. My armpits feel very proud.” Take a look at her Instagram and you’ll see some insight into her great sense of humor. “I often find our human condition hilarious. Vanity, arrogance, and awkwardness are ripe for comedy and absurd humor is something I love too.”

Pollyanna does take kindness seriously. Aside from the fun-loving and edgy woman you see before you, Pollyanna’s favorite quote tells us so much about her. “Tennessee Williams said a beautiful thing: 'Nothing is disgusting except cruelty'.”  She shares, “Kindness makes my heart skip a beat.” Probably the best way to express the depth of her kindness is to share with you what Pollyanna has to say of her favorite charity. “The Joshua Nolan Foundation was founded by a woman who had come up against a healthcare system that didn't serve her and her son when they needed it most. She lost him to suicide, so I'm inspired by her fortitude and kindness in creating a charity to help others. JNF brings counselors to those who need them and also brings the conversation about mental health into schools. I think it's so important to not only encourage people to give to the charity, but also to smash the stigma about mental health. We are all done a disservice by imagining there is weakness or weirdness in needing help and support with such very human problems.” Needless to say, we all need more of Pollyanna in our lives.

Lucky for us, Pollyanna’s childhood years in theater have paid off. Her career has steadily climbed and so has her popularity; no wonder considering she’s the perfect balance of talent, passion, and comedy. With amazing armpits, edgy style, and strong skills both on and off screen, we can’t think of many more reasons to love Pollyanna McIntosh. Be sure to keep an eye out for her on the latest season of The Walking Dead.

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Jimmy Bellinger

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While actor Jimmy Bellinger is a familiar face on television, commercials and in indie film, he will make his studio film debut this spring in Universal Pictures’ highly anticipated prom night comedy, “Blockers.” The modern-day film follows a group of teens who have made a “sex pact” to lose their virginity on the night of their senior prom. Bellinger plays the role of ‘Chad,’ who is attending prom with his best friend, Sam (Gideon Adlon). 

Born in Ohio and raised in Maryland, Jimmy grew up with a passion for singing, which led him to sign with a talent manager at the age of 12. She began sending him out on acting auditions and when he was a sophomore in high school, he booked a role in the film “An American Affair,” alongside stars Gretchen Mol, Noah Wyle and James Rebhorn. It was during this filming process that Jimmy realized he was hooked and wanted to have a career as an actor. At 19, he decided to move to Los Angeles and after a short period of time he booked a role in the Disney Channel original movie “Geek Charming,” opposite Sarah Hyland. 


Bellinger has gone on to book the national campaign and become the face of “Skittles” and he snagged heavily recurring roles on hit television series such as “The Middle” (ABC), “Liv and Maddie” (Disney Channel), and “Shameless” (Showtime), to name a few. In 2013, Jimmy landed his most challenging role in which he was given the task of portraying the true story of Patrick Henry Hughes, a wheelchair bound man who was also born without eyes and had to overcome impossible odds.


 Another similarly difficult role was Bellinger’s portrayal of a young man with Asperger’s in the Hallmark movie, “A Smile as Big as the Moon.” 



Jimmy is passionate about dog rescue and fostering, environmental conservation, suicide prevention, dementia research and ending world hunger. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, learning about wine, occasionally playing poker and video games with friends and of course, finding good food! He also is an accomplished vocalist and musician. Jimmy recently adopted a dog named Miley who lives with him in Los Angeles and has stolen his heart.



Mayim Bialik

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Between the TV stardom, the PHD in neuroscience and the ever-mature demeanor that helped her navigate her fame, You might think that growing up was easy for Mayim Bialik. You'd be wrong. In fact, her new book - "Girling Up: How to be Strong, Smart and Spectacular" - is largely a collection of lessons that she had to learn throughout her teenage years and beyond... just like the rest of us. Now at a place in her life where women of all ages tend to view her as a role model, Mayim felt the time was right to share everything she's learned with the newer generations who look to follow her lead. She was eager to chat with us about the book and how it might be a perfect fit for Luca readers.

Luca: Let's get to the obvious question: why did you decide to write this book?

Mayim Bialik: Besides being Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, which is how a lot of people know me, I actually have a PhD in neuroscience, which I got right when I was about to have my second child. I'm actually trained as a scientist and taught neuroscience for five years before returning to acting. The fact that I play a scientist on television and am one in real life is interesting, but it's also pretty meaningful for me personally.

The fact is, I've been approached by a lot of different companies to put my face on a science book for girls, and it didn't feel right to generically slap my face on a "science book." When Penguin approached me, they actually were interested in the way that I talk about my character on The Big Bang Theory, and in particular the way that I present notions of being a late bloomer, which I talk a lot about... how Amy's a late bloomer and I was a late bloomer.

That was the basis for starting the conversation about what would it be like to write a book about growing up female and touch on a lot of the aspects that many of us don't hear about. I never had books like this, and so the idea was basically to take the entire female experience from what makes us female all the way up to why and how are we social creatures, how do we learn, how do we cope when things are difficult, and how do we make a meaningful life for ourselves.  

That's really the way the book is structured. Every chapter has a little bit of science, a little bit of anecdote, and a lot about the social aspects of being female. The book was reviewed by a pediatrician, by an OBGYN, by a school counselor, and by another neuroscientist. We wanted it to be accurate and also interesting and fun, but also we wanted things such as what does it mean to be transgender, what's it like dealing with depression, what about eating disorders, how does the media show women and what does that mean for us? We didn't want to pick one thing about being female. I really wrote a book about what I see as all of our experience as females from how babies are made to how we make a difference

Luca: You've certainly hit on an interesting point because One of the biggest challenges that we all face growing up is the constant questioning of "do I know everything I'm supposed to know?" This is kind of a handbook... almost a security blanket for those who might not necessarily be learning things at the same time as others. 

photo CBS 'The Big Bang Theory' | Getty Images    Mayim with co-star, Jim Parsons on set as 'Sheldon and Amy'

photo CBS 'The Big Bang Theory' | Getty Images

Mayim with co-star, Jim Parsons on set as 'Sheldon and Amy'

Mayim Bialik: Right, and the fact is, it's a broad age range to write a book for. My audience is sort of in the 11 to 18 year old range, and the fact is, 11 year olds are very different than they were when I was 11. We really had to say, "What is it like to be 11 now versus what it was like when I was 11?" The things that young women have to deal with are so different now... social media and sexting and dating in a world where the notion of courtship is so different from what it used to be.

Luca: Everyone needs someone to look up to, and they don't all have access to a Mayim Bialik. Do you think that it's important for women and people in general to work harder to be there for each other?

Mayim Bialik: Yeah, for sure. Instead of role models, I think it's important for young women in particular to have some sort of mentor or someone that they can look up to who has a life that is interesting to them and ask them, "How did you get that life? How did you get there?" Meaning, if you're interested in being a veterinarian, to find ways to come in contact with people who are veterinarians and say, "What was your life like? What did you do to get here?" No matter what your interest is in. I think that's one thing, but I also think that with so much emphasis on celebrities and especially with social media showing us everything all the time of what every public person is doing, I think it's even more important to find the importance in friendships and in other females in particular. That girl power is very important and I think can combat against a lot of the negativity that comes as we get older as women from the media in many cases.

I didn't want to write a book sounding like a scolding aunt, and I really wanted it to be scientifically appropriate, sociologically appropriate, but also really relevant. My editor and I said, "There are websites that talk about these things, but a comprehensive book about being female that includes gender identity, eating disorders, mental health..." We think it's a very special book.

Luca: It comes across as an informational handbook as opposed to being something that's preachy or really even giving any strong advice one way or the other, but it's really about laying all of the cards on the table.

Mayim Bialik: Yeah, and you have to write so that everyone feels included. That's why there is a section on late bloomers, which basically says, "If this chapter didn't make sense to you, don't worry. It'll all be fine eventually."

Luca: Putting a book out there like this unquestionably invites fans to look at you as somewhat of a role model, a label that you've probably dealt with since you yourself were a teen starring in "Blossom". Is that something that has come comfortably to you, or has that evolved as you've grown up? 

Mayim Bialik: I think that's actually something I choose to be very open about in the book, both in the chapters on dating and sex and also in the chapters about things that are hard in life. This has never been a very comfortable place for me to be, being a public person. It doesn't mean I'm not grateful for the opportunities or that I don't love my life and my job, because I do, but the fact is for many of us, what everyone else seems to be comfortable with does not always resonate with every individual person. I really wanted to also have this book be really inclusive and address all aspects of the female experience, and also let us learn from one another. There are pros and cons to all sorts of different behavior.

Luca: Like our magazine, your book encourages young women to embrace the world and all it has to offer... to develop interests and give back to others whenever possible. Why do you think it's important for everyone to embrace that vision as early as they can?

Mayim Bialik: I think that for a long time historically, women have not been represented the same way as men for a lot of reasons. This is one way that we can get a head start on having equal voices and equal opinions about things no matter what your opinions are. There's actually a chapter dedicated to what do you want your life to be like, and what are the things you can do very young, to try and find your passion and pursue it. Obviously grownups know that those things help with social development. They help develop a lot of really important skills, and honestly in a lot of cases they keep you out of what we would call trouble. Generally speaking, it's very important to find things that are interesting to you and the earlier the better.

Luca: Like our magazine, a unique sense of style has played a huge part in your most well-known roles. How important is it for one to develop their own sense of fashion?

Mayim Bialik: Gosh. I think expressing your individuality through fashion is very important. It's something that even I as an adult tend to embrace. Being comfortable in what you're wearing is incredibly important, and I know that a lot of fashions these days are geared often towards a particular body type, and I know that for me, as a not-typical body type, I often try and fit into the clothes that everybody else seems to be wearing, and it often doesn't make me feel comfortable when I'm worried about "is my stomach sticking out, does my butt look too big, do my breasts look long?" In general, I seek to try and find clothes that I physically feel comfortable in and a lot of times there aren't choices.

It's actually something we talk about in the book, but there are a lot of young girls who are now trying to find options that are more comfortable for them. All that stuff's going to vary by what your parents are comfortable with, and what community you come from, if you come from a religious background that has rules about clothes, it all varies so much. I definitely think that being comfortable is really what makes you feel confident.

Luca: Okay. Technology is obviously one of the biggest things that's changed since your teenage years... the accessibility of information. Do you think that teens today are well-equipped to learn how to develop healthy lifestyle habits, or is there actually too much info to filter through?

Mayim Bialik: I think that this is a great example of where technology and the internet and that accessibility of information is really a double edge sword. In some ways it makes the world so much more convenient and informative and things are able to happen with such efficiency, but yeah, there's also a danger not only for the information that we can get, but to the overflow of our brains to constantly being on a phone. That's something that even though I'm a grownup, I started to try and build in times when I force myself to not be in touch with technology, because sometimes it's more the habits of constantly wanting to be connected more than the information that can be dangerous.

Luca: Everyone needs someone to look up to, and they don't all have access to a Mayim Bialik. Do you think that it's important for women and people in general to work harder to be there for each other?

Image courtesy of CBS

Image courtesy of CBS

Mayim Bialik: Yeah, for sure. Instead of role models, I think it's important for young women in particular to have some sort of mentor or someone that they can look up to who has a life that is interesting to them and ask them, "How did you get that life? How did you get there?" Meaning, if you're interested in being a veterinarian, to find ways to come in contact with people who are veterinarians and say, "What was your life like? What did you do to get here?" No matter what your interest is in. I think that's one thing, but I also think that with so much emphasis on celebrities and especially with social media showing us everything all the time of what every public person is doing, I think it's even more important to find the importance in friendships and in other females in particular. That girl power is very important and I think can combat against a lot of the negativity that comes as we get older as women from the media in many cases.

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Violett Beane

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Apparent in her daily mantra - the beauty is in the journey, our gorgeous Texas Native cover, Violett Beane truly has a zest for life.  We are obsessed with her, and after sitting down and getting to know her better, we fell even more in love.

These days Violett is super busy as the red leather clad speedster, superhero Jesse Quick in The CW series of the DC Comics ‘The Flash’. She loves portraying this character and thinks she’s a great hero because “Jesse has a lot of heart which I can relate to. She cares deeply about her family and friends which ends up being both her strength and her weakness. She's always there to protect people, but to be a hero, you have to walk a line between justice and mercy and sometimes Jesse's empathy can affect her judgment.” Along with the television series, Violett recently finished shooting the powerful documentary, Tower (executive produced by Luke Wilson and Meredith Vieira) which depicts the UT shooting in 1966-the first mass school shooting in America’s history. She portrayed Claire Wilson, who was eight months pregnant during the shooting and lost her baby and boyfriend on that tragic day. "Being able to play Claire was an amazing experience because she gave me such a different outlook on life-- one filled with positivity and reparation,” according to Violett.

Growing up in Austin, Violett fell in love with performing and took theater all throughout middle and high school. Surrounded by her mother, who was an art teacher and artist herself, and her brother, who she says can play pretty much any instrument you hand him, Violett's life has always been filled with creativity. Though she always knew she was meant to perform in some way, it was not until her senior year of high school that she turned her focus to TV and film. She knew she wanted to do something in the entertainment world. During her senior year when all her friends started applying to colleges, she did not go the traditional route. Realizing that she wanted a career in acting, she signed with a local agency, started auditioning, and then destiny! 

Even the reasoning behind her name took in root in film. “My mom and dad were watching a subtitled Spanish film about five sisters who lived on a farm. A mysterious man came to work on the farm and fell in love with the sister named Violetta. My parents loved her name so much, and found out it translates in English to Violett.” Living in Austin was ultimately what led her to what she's doing now. She shares that Austin is such a wildly creative place. After recently moving from Austin to Los Angeles, she’s finding that the pace in Los Angles is much different. “ I miss Austin so much, the amazing tacos, the crazy music festivals, and all of my friends that I grew up with. I think in a couple years, I will call LA home 100%, but anytime you move to a new city you have to give it a while to get adjusted. My mom and brother both live here now as well and it's kinda hard not to be happy, and it's always so sunny and bright!”


When not acting, Violett is passionate about supporting environmental and animal causes like “Meatless Mondays” with The Humane Society Of The United States, abortion rights, ending rape violence and gun control. Violett also enjoys watching ‘Fixer Upper’, doing DIY renovations of her home and spending time cuddling with her bunny, Milo. She is most proud of her work ethic that has allowed her to support herself and the life she wants to live at a young age in addition to the fact that she’s raised the cutest bunny alive! “I love to go hiking, play tennis, bake cupcakes, and travel!” Her boyfriend of 4 years still makes her heart skip a beat. “We met when I was still in high school, so technically he's my high school sweetheart. We just really get each other, and he's so incredibly supportive of everything I want to do, which is a really important thing to have in a partner.”

We find her Instagram posts hilarious. With a great sense of humor, Violett admits she digs memes and cat videos and after all, who doesn't? Her most recent playlist includes an eclectic mix of Fleetwood Mac, Julia Michaels and Childish Gambino. Binge watch Violett in Season 3 of The Flash on Netflix and also find her in the powerful documentary, Tower-available on iTunes and Netflix. Inspired by the interview, we feel Violett is definitely finding beauty in her journey.

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Luca Magazine Teaser Sterling Beaumon 

Sterling Beaumon

Imagine a pizza - topped with pineapple, pepperoni, and jalapeños – pretty unique, right? Well, it's Sterling Beaumon’s favorite. His edgy taste in pizza isn’t enough for? Trust us, Sterling is truly one of a kind. The young star exudes confidence, pursues excellence, and is a prime example that perseverance pays off.

Having acted for two decades, Sterling has appeared in countless plays, movies, and T.V. shows, including Lost, Cold Case, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, just to name a few. Soon we’ll be able to see him starring alongside heavy hitters Edie Falco and Chris Bauer on NBC’s highly anticipated new miniseries, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. Sterling portrays a close friend of one of the Menendez brothers, who is a college hockey player. Considering the star's extensive acting resume and the fact he grew up playing hockey and still does, Sterling is going to kill this role.

Growing up, there’s one thing Sterling wanted to be: an actor. Sterling’s lifelong desire to act has never wavered. He tells us that being a child actor has taught him “that nothing is given to you and that nothing comes easy, you must work for every success you have”. He explains that Hollywood is hard, and is inspired by people who strive for success no matter how many times they’re told “no”. Further, he explains that film and television industry are fully collaborative, so as an actor, he’s just one piece upon thousands that come together in order to produce a movie or show. When he sits down to watch one of his projects, he is in awe of everything that his colleagues have put into it. Sterling is proud of his work.

As a child actor, Sterling’s younger years were anything but typical. He grew up being friends with other child actors, a group who today refers to themselves as “The Child Actor Mafia”. These are Sterling’s best friends and people he spends his time with when he’s not filming or playing hockey. He elaborates about the group, “We grew up together and graduated together all in this crazy town that people call Hollywood.” Sterling compares the friendships within the mafia to the lifelong friendships other people form during high school and college. Who else is in this elite group of accomplished youngsters? Sterling can’t help but chuckle, “There’s quite a few members of this Child Actor Mafia, and they know who they are.”

Sterling is fascinated with Old Hollywood, and it’s no wonder why. A Cali boy through and through, his family tree is deeply rooted in L.A. His great uncle and grandfather were both actors in the 1920’s and appeared in iconic films such as The Wizard of Oz and The King of Kings. Sterling carries on their legacy, each day living his dream of acting and working towards becoming a producer and director. He looks up to actors like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon: “I want to be a producer as well, and I want to be directing hopefully at some point, but really producing and making projects actually happen is a really big dream of mine. Those are guys who started really young doing something like that with Good Will Hunting and have continued to act, direct and produce throughout their careers.” With his talent and tenacity, we bet Sterling will be producing in no time.

Perhaps Disney? Once the star of the Disney movie Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out? and having been in a Disney Cruise line commercial, some may refer to Sterling Beaumon as a “Disney star”. The Hollywood heartthrob says of his relationship with Disney, “Once upon a time, I was in the Disney family and I would love to be again, in another capacity.” Maybe one day he’ll be directing or producing for them, should they be so lucky.

Not only does Sterling have great friends (and an amazing jawline), but he also has a huge heart. Due to his busy schedule, he is unable to perform charity work as often as he’d like, but once a month or so he volunteers at The Dream Center in Los Angeles. A young actress and good friend of Sterling’s, Madeline Caroll, started an outreach program with this amazing organization in order to bring opportunity to people who are down on their luck and to also feed the less fortunate. This experience is why Sterling sometimes finds himself using the phrase, “What would Madeline do?"

Take just a quick glance at any of Sterling’s social media persona and you’ll see why we’re completely obsessed with his style. An avid reader of GQ, he describes his style as this - “A good mix of both street style and formal wear. You’ve got to know how to dress it down and have some street style and also know the proper ways to tie a tie and have your cuff links on. It’s a matter of having harmony of both; I feel someone that does it really well is David Beckham - that’s good style.” Sterling also finds inspiration from his friends and Instagram. He's also fortunate enough to work with some amazing stylists. Whether he’s wearing jeans or a tuxedo, we can’t get enough of him.

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Tyler Henry

words | Brittany Chetochine

Luca recently had the opportunity to chat with the incredible Tyler Henry, a medium featured on the E! Network. We were obsessed with season one of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry and are now fully enthralled with the second season. Upon meeting him, we were immediately taken with his calming demeanor, quick wit and his charming personality. Over the course of an hour, he took us through how he got to be where he is now, and at the end, we asked him to pick a few words to describe himself:


Intuitive. Tyler first realized he had a gift at age 10, after his grandmother fell ill with cancer. He said that at one point, he just knew that his grandmother was going to pass away. He went to tell his mother, but before they were able to walk out the door, she received the call that his grandmother had passed away. But, “…having one premonition was very different than just doing readings as I do now. So it took some time to really understand what I was feeling…” As his understanding of his abilities grew, he found himself surrounded by many supportive people. The kids at school thought it was entertaining when he would share, and his teachers would meet with him after class to tutor him in exchange for readings.

At the age of 16, Tyler started doing readings in small bookstore, but within a year of taking clients by word-of-mouth, he started getting calls from directors and producers out of Hollywood. Thus, he would spend weekends commuting from the small town of Hanford, CA, where he grew up to Los Angeles (his mother would drive as he didn’t yet have a license) to do readings and attend events and parties. At one of these parties, he happened to briefly meet a producer who, while interested in a reading, also turned out to be a bit of a skeptic: “For some reason, I just felt like I was meant to meet him, so I just said, ‘You know what? Let’s do it. I’m not sure how it will go, but let’s set it up.” That reading the following day turned out to be life-changing for the both of them – the producer became a believer and set up Tyler to try and share his gift on a larger scale. E! ended up offering a show with a celebrity angle and by the age of 19, Tyler had moved to the middle of North Hollywood.

Introverted. This change in scenery was huge for a self-described shy and introverted small-town boy: “I went from being in an environment that was very desolate and rural, to being kind of surrounded in the middle of not only a city full of people, but an industry that was really intense. So it was really an adjustment, but I loved it.”

Pensive. When filming, Tyler can only do about two readings per day, as they can sometimes take as long as four hours. Off-camera, up to four readings can be done. With busy days like these, he says his routine is, “…kind of a process of either preparing for a reading or coming down from a reading.” He starts his day often trying to eliminate distractions – focusing and meditating to prepare for the day ahead of him. This is particularly important when heading into a reading:

“I would say that there’s many keys to clarity, but for me, the most significant key to really tuning in is eliminating fear. And fear is something we go throughout our lives with, but it can block us up, and the same is true when I go into a reading. I have to make sure that I’m putting aside the expectation of the clients, my own expectations, any fear of what’s going to come through – I really have to consciously make an effort to put that to the side and just be a clear vessel for information to flow. So, my routine really revolves heavily around trying to calm down, trying to relax, and really just trying to feel an inherent sense of trust.”

But the day ends for Tyler opposite how it starts – by filling his life with distractions! He particularly likes putting on loud music, or heading out into nature and taking himself out of his work mindset. After a recent move to the mountains, he has been enjoying hiking and has even taken up oil painting! But he sticks to landscapes – not just another connection to nature, he says, “I feel like if I paint people, I might be in trouble, because with my luck, I’d start seeing their loved ones as I’m trying to paint them. So I just stick to painting flowers, apples…” He also says he has a passion for learning – reading articles, watching the news, “…I like being a bit of a sponge, and it’s just enjoyable for me.” – then passing along the information he has learned.

Compassionate. Tyler shared a couple of readings with us that have been particularly meaningful: One can be seen at the end of this season of his show, when he had the chance to meet Alan Thicke. During his reading, Tyler sensed a profound connection to Alan’s heart, which was really emotional to experience considering his untimely death shortly after. But there was a silver lining: “Because before he passed away, he got the validation from a lot of loved ones that there was an afterlife and that there was a peaceful place.” In the episode that shares this reading, Tyler was able to meet with Alan’s wife, which was especially profound.

The second reading he discussed was with a private client who was in her 40’s and diagnosed with terminal cancer. She chose to have her reading filmed for private use, to give to her then six-year-old son to watch when he grows up so that he would know that his mother would always be with him. He recently received news that she had passed, and reflected on their time together, stating, “…I felt so honored to be able to give that validation for someone who needed it most.”

In fact, when asked what the most rewarding part of sharing his gift has been, he says that being able to provide validation for the people he meets has been the most profound part of the job: “Anyone can tell you that your loved one loves you, but it really takes the validation behind that and the information and the details that make a person leave an experience and know they had a real, sincere, authentic connection and that’s really my goal.”

Funny. “I laugh at my own jokes, but that’s all that matters.” Luca couldn't agree more.


Tyler says about his book, Between Two Worlds, “…I thought in order to really tell that story of how I got here, I had to tell the stories of the people that I’d met and read and all the spirits that came through that helped form how I do what I do in the now.” And we here at Luca definitely recommend it. Tyler hopes that, if his fans aren’t able to have a personal reading with him, they are still able to benefit from watching what happens in his show or by reading his book, “…and maybe find a little bit of healing for themselves. That’s the goal.”

Catch intuitive, introverted, compassionate, funny, and - we think truly wonderful - Tyler Wednesdays on E!



Olivia Holt

words | Kyle Unfug

When you look at Olivia Holt, it’s obvious she’s stunning, but when you talk to Olivia, you quickly see it’s her inner beauty that shines the brightest. “I’m a person who wants to spread good every day,” says Olivia.

Olivia Holt3.jpeg

Olivia’s pursuit to spreading good every day was fast-tracked when she landed her big break in 2011 on Disney XD’s martial arts show as Kim on Kickin’ It.   Olivia could have stopped there, but her drive and ambition have recently led her to wrap on her third film.  WOW!  Now that she’s made her mark on TV and film, Olivia is ready to make a splash in the music industry with her debut album on Hollywood Records which is due to drop this fall.

“I’ve played a character on TV for so long and made music for films as characters; this is the first time I get to share music as Olivia Holt, and I’m excited about that!” 

Olivia’s first single is called Phoenix and has inspiring lyrics like “It’s your time now, you’ve got the heart of a Phoenix, so let them see you rise.” Olivia describes the track as an anthem that resonates with her personally. “It’s about finding inner confidence, stepping out of the darkness, and embracing who I am as an individual. I try to live by that mantra every single day,” Olivia passionately shared.

Just like her single says, we're about to see her rise.  Look out for this superstar! She’s grounded, talented, and versatile.  Remember the name Olivia Holt, a true triple threat and star on the rise; It’s her time now.

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TOP 5 reasons we love Olivia Holt:

She knows she’s a role model.

“It keeps me on my toes,” says Olivia, “it keeps me feeling like I need to keep doing good, there’s no better feeling. I’m lucky to have the fans that I do.”

She loves to give back.

“I’ve worked a lot with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which has been close to my heart since I was little.  Working with them is super humbling and so special. The last time I was there I did a karaoke party with the kids, it was so much fun. I love being there.”

She’s a self-proclaimed weirdo

“I’m goofy, I’m silly, and I’m probably a really abnormal 18-year-old, but I’m ok with that. I feel like weird is the best way to go.”

She’s got style. 

“My favorite places to shop are Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Topshop.”

She’s FUN!

“I love game nights, going on hikes, travelling and making scrapbooks. I just love being surrounded by my friends and family; that’s something that’s really important to me, that I hope I never lose.”


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Believe...The Wylie Sisters

The Wylie Sisters. Cover photo.

words | Madison Albee
photography | Sylvia Hardt
styling | Jennifer O’Bannon
makeup | Corinna Cooke
hair | Lisa Marie Mode
assistant |  Cece Guthrie

When most people think of powerful sisters they think of Kendall and Kylie, or Mary Kate and Ashley, but they probably have never met Bella and Sofia Wylie. At the ages of fourteen and twelve, the drive and purpose they have is overwhelming.

Sofia has been filming a new show called Andi Mack, which airs on the Disney Channel sometime in 2017. “So far it’s been so surreal because my dream has always been to be on Disney and it’s crazy to think I've actually been living the dream,” Sofia told us. 

Dancing since she was 5-years-old, Sofia realized her passion for dance was so intense that she wanted to pursue and expand her abilities with more rigorous training when she turned nine. She started frequently traveling to LA, a city known for producing incredible talent, and it only took the budding actress five private acting lessons before she felt ready for her Andie Mack audition.

Sofia was cast for a part on the show, and a new Disney star was born. At twelve-years-old, she has been juggling work, school, and a social life for the past month and a half. Of course having a fun cast around her same age hasn’t hurt. “They always make me laugh and keep me busy, so I’m not always thinking about how much I miss my mom and my sister and my dog,” Sofia said.

Wylie Sisters Cover

Meanwhile, her older sister Bella has been home, working towards her goal of becoming a college athlete. “I started swimming seven years ago, competitively, so I have been swimming for a very long time, and ever since the very beginning, I knew that it was something that I loved,” Bella said.

Bella has swim practice eight times per week, which is more than there are days in a week (yikes). “It's a very rigorous program, but a lot of college athletes have come out of it.”

Bella has also recently been a contestant, and winner, on the Food Network's Chopped Junior. Her dad signed her up without telling her, but it worked, and she got cast. The process took months and included several interviews. But after flying to New York, filming for two days and having a fight with the ice cream machine, Bella managed to win.

While living apart has been difficult, Bella and Sofia both understand that pursuing each of their dreams means they will have to sacrifice. "I know some siblings that if one succeeds, then they get a little jealous, and Bella is not like that at all. She always supports me, always helps me through things…” Sofia said of her sister Bella.

Our dreams lie within our passions. “A lot of kids have so much potential and they could do so much, but they just don’t have the support that I have,” Sofia said. It is so important to find a role model or someone that you can look up to that will uplift you and help you achieve your dreams and goals.


Bella relates to all of us when she describes how social media can give her FOMO (fear of missing out). “I have social media myself, and I find that I am constantly checking it and sometimes I can just be so caught up in it, but then other times I think, ‘Why do I feel the need to keep checking this?’

And when I really think about it, it’s because you see what everyone else is doing you don’t want to be left out, you always want to see what is going on around you,” Bella said. “I think social media can be great; it can get you opportunities that you would never have imagined because you are talking to people across the country. I also think there’s a lot of fakeness that goes on in social media.”

Everyone has a fear of failure, including Sofia and Bella. Even with all they have accomplished, sometimes Bella wonders what if it’s not enough? “Sometimes I doubt that what I am doing is enough. But I think that I have to just realize that I am doing as much as I can and just appreciate my family and how much they’ve been able to help me do what I do,” Bella told us.

Between her dancing and acting, Sofia has put in the work to achieve her dream of scoring a part on Andi Mack. If you do not put in the work, you won’t see results. Sometimes when you’re putting in the work you might fail, a door might close, or that opportunity might not work out. “It’s been a long journey and when I said that you’re going to fail more than you succeed it’s very true. It is really hard to accept failure. And you always want to get 100% on anything, so when you don’t, it's hard. You’ve always got to remember someday you will have your big moment,” Sofia said.



Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson_Cover1.jpg


words | Brooke Romney
photography | Jared Platt
styling | Jennifer O'Bannon
hair |  Suzanne Bell & Abby Runyan, Hair Do Salon
makeup | Corinna Bertram

Living Original seems to be effortless for Sadie Robertson. As a reality star, author, fashion designer, and humanitarian, her consistent authenticity has earned her an enviable following. Attracting millions of fans is impressive, but even more remarkable is that through all the fame and success she has remained true to herself and her purpose.

Her parents (Korie and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty) knew they had something special from the beginning. “At 5 years old I would stand on the table and ‘preach’ to my parents. I was never shy about sharing how I felt or sharing God’s love. From that point on, my dad nicknamed me ‘the original.’”

At 19, Sadie is still unapologetically sharing her message, and people are listening to and loving it.

“I want my followers to be their own original. I want them to be confident in who they are and what their talents are. The world shows us all kinds of things and it is easy to want to be someone else, but it’s just not possible. So work on expanding your own original self.”

Finding that best self is easiest surrounded by people who share a purpose and who exude love and support.  Sadie has found that grounding influence in her family, friends, and her faith. Fame, popularity, talent, and success, even on a small scale, can change people so quickly, but Sadie counters that by remembering to stay accountable. 

“No matter who you are, someone is always watching. Someone is always looking up to you. They need you to be an example. Being perfect is not important, but being real is, and real is so much easier. Remember that it is okay to show people your struggles and how you are getting through them. The struggle is what inspires people and how you get through it is what is really important.”

Sadie Robertson_Cover

Inspiring people is Sadie’s mission, and she can’t wait to take her message live with her second Live Original tour. 

“I love social media and all my friends there, but there is nothing like connecting with people in person. Before Dancing with the Stars, I didn’t think I could do it, but God used that experience to give me courage. I talked with my ‘squad’ and we decided we could make this dream of connecting with people a reality by going on tour.”

The tour will focus on “Going from Chained to Changed.” At a point in her life, Sadie felt chained to anxiety and fear but through God, she loosened those chains and became free and fearless. By sharing her honest experiences, she hopes others will have the courage to make changes in their own life, whether it be something small or something significant. “During the tour, we will all be there together, holding hands, rooting for each other. We will be united in this amazing effort.”

Sadie Robertson_Cover

The tour will be part self-reflection and speaking, but another part entertainment and is for anyone who wants to increase or explore their faith and surround themselves with positivity. “I used to be super ADD and found myself getting really restless, so our tour is going to be something totally different. It is the first time our generation is speaking to our generation, and that makes me so excited,  I can’t wait to share it with everyone. There will be live music by Family Force 5, videos, worship, and so many opportunities to connect and be inspired.”

Sadie is hoping this tour gives other teens the strength to stand in a world that consistently belittles faith, hope, and religion. She finds her own courage to hold strong by having a personal connection with God which is reinforced with regular prayer and Bible study, and by surrounding herself with people who help her focus on the good.

“If you want to stay strong, you have to surround yourself with the right people. My assistant who is with me all of the time reminds me to seek the beauty in every situation, and it helps so much. If you turn on the news, you see 20 things going wrong, and it feels overwhelming and negative, but she has encouraged me to seek the beauty. There is always beauty, even in the worst situation, and when I find it, I find God.”

Sadie Robertson_Cover4.jpg

Doing this in everyday life can be a challenge, but it feels easier when you start small. Sadie likes using social media to share the goodness. It can be simple to post a motivational quote, share a picture that recognizes natural beauty, comment something kind or uplifting on every post you read, or sometimes put the phone down and focus on real, in-person connections.

With her recent book release, Life Just Got Real, Sadie perfectly illustrates how girls can look past differences and find the common goodness within each other. In a fast-paced and fun high school story, Sadie creates strong female characters who are all incredibly different on the outside but fundamentally similar. She weaves a compelling tale of opposites, shining a little light on what life is like before and after money and fame, and how the world benefits when everyone strives to be their authentic self.

“I wanted to remind people that sometimes the best friendships are with people who are completely different from you. Don’t shut people never know when a friendship can be made.”

In a world full of girls tearing each other down, Sadie is proof that nice girls don’t always finish last. She has consistently been supportive, loving, respectful and kind.  

“We are called to love. That is the whole message that Jesus shared. All I am called to do is love and accept people; I was not called to judge. Love covers everyone.”

Love even covers the people millions of miles away that Sadie serves through her humanitarian service and through her partnership with ROMA boots. Being blessed with so much has been a catalyst to help change the lives of others around the world whether she is building a school in Uganda or putting shoes on the feet of children in Guatemala, she is always seeking ways to help make the world a little better. 

“I was so excited to partner with ROMA boots because they donate one pair of boots with every pair of boots sold. I went and did a boot drop in Guatemala with them to see what a difference these shoes made in the lives of the people was amazing. It gave them an opportunity and a chance where there was little hope before. Doing things like this makes me incredibly happy.”

Sadie Robertson_Cover5.jpg
Sadie Robertson_Cover
Sadie Robertson_Cover

While not as important as her humanitarian work, another thing that makes Sadie happy is fashion, and she is thrilled about her new Wild Blue Denim line sold at Rue 21 stores across the country. “I am a denim girl, and I wanted to create a pair of jeans that everyone feels great in. I want every girl, regardless of her shape or size to be able to go into the dressing room, slip my jeans on, and want to strut.”

Sadie created a Wild Blue Denim option for every taste. There are a variety of styles, cuts, and washes, so it is easy to find your perfect pair. Sadie’s favorite is full of rips, tears, and wear. She loves pairing them with an inspirational t-shirt, a bandana, and free bird shoes, but they also look great with a dressy tank and strappy heels. The perfect pair of jeans has always been a closet staple.   

Sadie’s other staple? Her killer smile flanked by enviable dimples. She is constantly sharing that grin with family, friends, and strangers. She encourages teens to find that special bond with their family or with an adult who will always have their back. She has benefitted from the wisdom of her parents and knows that when friends fail, family will love you unconditionally. 

That being said, family relationships can also be really hard. “Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and make it right, but the relationship is more important than the problem. Our family has learned that the world might be against us, but we are always there for each other.”

Sadie holds so much wisdom of her own and is the real deal...practicing exactly what she preaches, day in and day out. She feels God has given her a platform to share and spread His love and good news. But she knows it doesn’t take a million dollars or a million followers to make a difference, just a little gratitude and a healthy dose of happiness.

“Be an atmosphere shaker. Challenge yourself to use what you have been given. Be nice to people, always. Share happiness. Allow someone to share their story and really listen. It creates a chain reaction that can change the world.”

Sadie Robertson_Cover


a direct detour to Ashley Gerasimovich

words | Ashley Gerasimovich & Adele Moffatt

photography | Michael Creagh

stylist | Delon

photography Tina Rowden | courtesy  TBS

photography Tina Rowden | courtesy TBS

Intelligent, bold and selfless are just a few words to describe TBS’s The Detour, Ashley Gerasimovich. Starring as Delilah on the hit comedy show, Ashley is back on the small screen for Season 2 which premiered February 21, 2017. We got to interview Ashley, and Luca has the exclusive for you here.

Acting since she was only five years old, Ashley was inspired by her mom who took her to her first audition. Little did either of them know that one project would be just the beginning.

Her love for acting soon skyrocketed, but to her, acting did not really feel like a job but more so like play time. Before her acting career, Ashley wanted to be an eye surgeon when she grew up! Excelling in school classes, Ashley loves education and her favorite topics are pseudoscience and art. This smarty describes herself as having a quirky personality and believes that:

“everyone should be able to express themselves whatever way they want, and people should be more accepting of that.  If people could learn to appreciate each other, and what makes them great, we would all be happier.”

In her free time, this young starlet volunteers at an animal shelter and works with the kittens. Her hope is for one day all the animals in all the shelters and on the streets get adopted by wonderful families!


  • HER FAVE QUOTE - "Watchadoindurr???" -is from 'The Detour'
  • Two of her favorite hobbies - horseback riding and Tae Kwon Do
  • Her favorite musical group is Twenty One Pilots and she saw them in concert for her birthday!
  • In five years, Ashley looks forward to being in accelerated classes and in ten years she is excited to vote for president.
  • Her spirit animal is a wolf because they are fierce and loyal. They are also the ancestors to one of her favorite animals, dogs!

Last but not least, we asked Ashley if she had any advice for her fans and her response was, “Go for it! Take that extra leap! If it's your passion, you shouldn't think it's impossible. Never give up!”


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Hannah Kat Jones

photography | Sylvia Hardt

Model Hannah Kat Jones hit the radar as a finalist of American's Next Top Model and continued as a shining star on Disney Channel's Austin & Ally, as Carrie. Her goal is to create characters that inspire, enlighten and brighten her audience.


Hannah Jones for Luca magazine 5765
photography |  Deidhra Fahey

photography | Deidhra Fahey

Thomas Barbusca

Thomas Barbusca is the type of guy everyone wants to be friends with. He’s funny and real. Most recently he can be seen in the movie Middle School: The Worst years of My Life. He plays Leo, the sidekick of Rafe, a middle schooler who loves to draw. Rafe and Leo deal with greedy Principal Dwight in hilarious ways. We won’t spoil anything for you here, but there’s a twist to the story that you won’t be expecting. We asked Thomas about his new movie and all about life growing up as an actor. He also reveals what’s next in his career.

Tell us about what to expect in your new movie?

You can expect everyday middle school struggles with teachers, bullies, friendships, and some crazy pranks. It's definitely fun for the whole family.

What was your favorite rule to break during filming? 

My favorite rule to break was no touching the trophy case. Which we end up filling with water, fresh fish, eels, and lobsters. That was really cool.

If you were to explain your skateboarding style, what would you say?

Style with ease. 

What type of music do you like? What’s your favorite song right now?

I listen to Hip hop and R&B.  My favorite song is 'Still Here' by Drake 

Who do you Instastalk?

A rapper named FUTURE because he's super cool. 

photography |   Irvin Rivera

photography |  Irvin Rivera

If you could work with anyone, who would it be? 

Kevin Hart. He's super funny, and I think he's inspirational. Leonardo DiCaprio would be awesome too! 

What’s your biggest goal? 

To continue acting and win an Oscar.

How do you keep it cool before a big audition?

I listen to music on my headphones.

If you could go back and talk to yourself last year, what would you say? 

That's a tough one. I would say this will be a very busy, exciting year. 

Do you go to school on set or traditional school? What are the perks? 

I am homeschooled, so I work with a set teacher. The perks would be getting to do school at all different times of the day or night.

So what's next?

My new TV show, The Mick, premieres on FOX on January 1st.  It's super funny and stars Kaitlin Olson, who plays my aunt. My parents get indicted for federal fraud and flee the country, so she has to take care of my siblings and me. Let's just say; we're not easy to handle!

Did you ever ad lib, or was all of it scripted?

 A little of both. Steve Carr, the director, wanted us to have fun with it.

 Who inspired you to get into acting? 

My older sister Brielle, who is an actress, inspired me.  When I was younger, I would go with her to set when she was working and knew I wanted to act too. 

How old were you and what was your first acting gig? 

My first job was for a Lysol commercial when I was four years old. 

What are the biggest differences or perks between living on the East Coast and the West Coast? 

I love the East Coast because my whole family is there and that's where I grew up. The biggest difference between both coasts would definitely be the weather.  It rarely rains in LA. In New Jersey, it rains a lot, and the winters are really cold.  

Who's your favorite person you've ever worked with?

My favorite person would be Griffin Gluck. He's like a brother to me. Best friend since the day I met him. We just had a great time working together on Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.  Non stop laughing and fun! Also, working with Kaitlin Olson on FOX's, The Mick, is pretty cool. She's so funny; it's hard to keep a straight face when we're working.

photography |   Irvin Rivera

photography |  Irvin Rivera


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