Capelli Canzone: Dreaming Large in NYC


Music is a liquid. It continuously moves, slow and lurid, through my life at all points. Most of my memories I associate with music, or at least what was playing at the time during my biggest moments. There was Lauryn Hill during my graduation. D’Angelo accompanied my first few drives in a car. Fiona Apple was the soundtrack to my breakup.

I grew up in sunny Arizona, always wishing I could be a part of the New York atmosphere. At 20 years old I moved by myself, after years of longing, and ended up among some of the best people that I call my friends. It has not been an easy journey. Becoming accustomed to the vibration and motion of the city is a challenge in itself. However, once you start getting the hang of it, there is no feeling that can compare.

I have sung on the street in Harlem, made friends out of buskers on the A line subway, chatted with strangers on the sidewalk about Vonnegut and Buckley. After the release of my EP Fever Dream in November, I realized it was time to buckle down and create the show that I had been visualizing in my head for years. This is what I have been working towards lately: a shift in consciousness to elevate the quality of my performance. A dance between lighting, projection, drama, vocals, showmanship.

When I stand on the stage and sing, it is the rawest thing that I can imagine doing. However I am feeling, that day my emotion is transported through me, out into the world. It is a release and a cleanse. Mixing this with the aspects of performance that I love so much about David Byrne, Grace Jones, and David Bowie, among others, is the perfect medium for me.

I can only continue to better myself through this, singing my songs to anyone who will listen and let the music flow through me like honey.

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