Jacob Whitesides



Jacob Whitesides is a YouTube singer turned star. He just released his single “Focus” this summer and “Lovesick” this year.

His style is a mix of Ed Sheeran meets John Mayer. It is the kind of music you turn on when you want to put on a face mask and relax at home. But not only is his music chill, it is also honest and true.

Whitesides’ song “Ohio,” one of the most personal songs, is on his EP “A Piece of Me.” The song is about his strained relationship with his dad after his parents’ divorce. Whitesides spoke to SheKnows.com about the song, “My parents have been split up for close to three years now, and I've not spoken to my dad since then, so it was nice, once I got over being uncomfortable about the subject, to finally let myself open up and create such an emotional, heartfelt song.”

His fans have been calling him “the new Justin Bieber,” but you don’t see the fame getting to Whitesides’ head. When SheKnows.com asked Whitesides if he found fame weird he responded with, “I don't feel famous. I'm just thankful people enjoy listening to my music and what I want to say.”

Jacob Whitesides has been known for using his fame in a positive way. He performed a free concert, Rock the Red Kettle, with stars like Becky G and Jacob Miller to support the Salvation Army during Christmas time last year.

Whitesides’ journey from YouTube cover artist to social media celebrity to singer/songwriter hasn’t always been easy. He told SheKnows.com about one of the biggest challenges of his career so far, “The hardest part of this career is always saying goodbye to people. I'm constantly touring and recording, which I love, but I am constantly missing my family in Tennessee. I always enjoy eating at Cracker Barrel on the road because they all look and taste exactly the same. It doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of New Mexico or Bloomington, Iowa, it always feels and tastes like home.”

His unique style and down-to-earth personality has turned all of us over here at Luca into Whitesiders! You can find and download all of his music on iTunes or stream through Spotify.

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