Half Empty Or Half Full?



Is your glass-half-empty or half-full?  The truth is that your answer to this question can influence more than just your attitude; it can help or hinder your health! Research shows that a positive attitude improves your social happiness, decreases stress, and helps broaden your sense of possibilities. Negative thoughts can trigger the body to release stress hormones and create unnecessary anxiety.

Both of these issues are linked to lack of concentration, decreased social skills, and increased discouragement.  The power of your thoughts can affect your future and your personal happiness. So how do you improve your mindset? Here are four ideas to increase your positive attitude and bring more peace and happiness to your life!


Positive Role Play: Before you enter a stressful situation, game, audition, or anything you’re nervous about, role play the situation in your head. Imagine what you WANT to happen. Imagine yourself winning. Even imagine your responses to hard situations in a positive way and think about keeping calm. Once the situation arises, you’re more likely to act out how you roll played it in your mind. Practice makes perfect and practicing being positive makes for happy endings!

Assertive Problem Solving: Do NOT turn every situation into doomsday. Think through a problem rationally and find ways YOU can change the situation. It is easy to blame others and be negative, but if you can find a piece to the problem you can fix, the outcome will be much better.

Associate yourself with real friends: You are who you surround yourself with, and negative people pull you down. Gossip and negative comments create a negative atmosphere, one that makes it hard to fit in, hard to see opportunities and possibilities and creates fear of being yourself. Find friends who are positive, cheer you on, and lift you up.

Note One Positive Thing Every Day: When we write things down, we’re more likely to remember and internalize them. If you’re always focusing on what’s wrong in your life, you will never see what’s right. Take note of one positive thing every day.

Laugh: Laughter truly is the best medicine. Do not take life so seriously. You are bound to make mistakes, but beating yourself up over lost opportunities is pointless. Learn from a mistake and laugh it out.

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