Body shaming is a topic that has been discussed heavily in the news and on social media lately, but what is body shaming?

Body shaming happens when someone offers an unwanted negative comment about your appearance. Whether it's someone who made a comment about your outfit choice, or that kid that made fun of you in 5th grade for having weird teeth. Body shaming comes in many forms and affects many people.

In a society that is consumed by social media, body shaming has become such a prevalent topic. Social media takes away the personal aspects of communication and some people feel that they can say whatever they want, without any real repercussion, which can result in cyber bullying.

Body shaming is never acceptable, and it's why model Katie Willcox's Healthy is the New Skinny is working to use social media as a positive outlet to fight back. We launched an active campaign on Instagram encouraging people to share their experiences with body shaming to show that it affects a variety of different people. We were so happy to see that over 1,000 people tagged us to share their stories!

By creating this campaign, we want to showcase that body shaming happens to a variety of individuals, regardless of shape, size, or age. Regardless of what people say about us or our bodies, it does not define who we are. Once we realize that truth, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow and reach our full potential. 


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