Nashville Recording Artists: Firefly

photography | Breea Guttery

interview | Celestial Williams

Firefly @iheartfirefly

Melanie, McKenzie, and Maddie are electrifying sisters, known as Firefly, taking on the pop country music world like no other! We were highly impressed with these accomplished musicians as they performed at their latest concert. As they played, big sister, Melanie, would glance at her younger sisters with such love and pride. Their unparalleled voices included harmonies that felt divine. They’re working on a new album that you won’t want to miss out on!

Luca: Where did the name Firefly come from?

Firefly: One summer our family was on vacation by the Mississippi River. We had never been around fireflies, so we were fascinated. We loved how fireflies little lights put so much happiness into the dark sky. The name has taken on more meaning as we’ve grown together. We want to share music that encourages others to find their own light.

Luca: What instruments can we find you playing?

Firefly: Melanie plays the guitar.  McKenzie plays the mandolin, piano, and keyboard. Maddie plays the cello, plus every other instrument you can think of, and sometimes she likes to bust out the fiddle!

Luca: How did you get started?

Firefly: Our mom taught singing lessons when we were growing up, so we had a lot of music in our home. Our dad played in a bluegrass band and encouraged us to learn instruments. When Melanie was 15, she started playing the guitar and writing her own songs. A few years later, she was determined to go to Nashville. Our mom decided she should take her to see what Nashville was all about. They waited in line at the infamous Bluebird Cafe for an audition for writers night. A few weeks later, they received a letter inviting Melanie to come back for a songwriter’s showcase!  She was told she could bring two people with her as backup, and she decided to bring us, her sisters!

Luca: What's your process for writing a new song?

Firefly: Usually one of us comes up with an idea and maybe a chorus, then we come together and work on it. Songwriting takes a lot of patience and focus, so it helps that we’re completely open with each other. Writing a good song is a priceless experience, like creating a new part of the world and sharing a part of your soul.

Firefly studio Madelyn

Luca: What are your songs generally about?

Firefly: When we first started writing, more than 8 years ago, our songs were mostly about boys. Now we want to specifically help girls to feel confident, important, and able to face challenges. We hope that our music can bring hope to anyone in difficult times and inspire others to do good.

Luca: How has music influenced your life?

Firefly: Music has always been a huge part of our family. It has power to communicate feelings in a way that nothing else can. This summer we lost our bass player in a tragic accident. He was one of the most endearing young men we have ever known. He was always barefoot and vulnerable and willing to help everyone. We have thought so much about his character. The song Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw best describes Carson. We honor his example every time we sing that song. We started a hashtag that went around the country for prayers in his behalf. #barefootforcarson

Luca: If you could open up for anyone who would it be?

Firefly: This is a tough question! Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts have always been some of our favorites. Martina McBride is also one of our idols. We grew up listening to her, and we were able to open for her at the Tim and Willy Christmas show in Arizona. We had to pinch ourselves when we were sitting backstage with her.

Luca: When can we expect a new album?

We’re working on writing songs for our new album right now! We’re dedicating this album to our little sister Maisy, who has not only been our darling support and cheerleader, she has travelled with us, and reminded us of the importance of facing our trials with love, grace, faith and happiness.

Luca: Where can we buy your music?

Firefly: Our music is on iTunes, Tunecore, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play. You can also download it on our website at and find our music videos on youtube at fireflymusicofficial!

  Summer digital edition

Summer digital edition

Luca: Tell us about your beautiful red hair.

Firefly: Melanie tried to highlight her hair in high school! She found out red is extremely hard to cover up or change! Our song Firecracker Red explains what it’s like to be a redhead. It makes us unique—and it’s always easy to spot each other in a crowd!

Luca: What are some of the charities you support?

Firefly: One that we work with regularly is Anasazi Foundation, a nonprofit wilderness therapy program for youth. It gives youth the chance to start over and see greatness in themselves. Our song Walk is based on the book The Seven Paths for Anasazi. We also love working with Sophie’s Place. It’s a beautiful hospital music therapy program, and part of the Forever Young Foundation.

Luca: Do you have any traditions you do together before you perform?

Firefly: Besides trying to coordinate our outfits so they match, but don't? We always pray with our band before going on stage, and usually one of us will share an uplifting thought. Sometimes we do a little backstage dancing to get the energy flowing!