Love the Skin You're In

We remember to take care of our skin during the summer months when legs and arms are more exposed, but when the barometer drops and we live in jeans, boots and sweaters it's easy to forget that our skin craves even more TLC.

Dull, dry skin on your arms and legs steals the magic from your shimmering  party dress.  This is your time to sizzle, so keep your winter limbs looking gorgeous with these winter skin tips:

1. Turn Down The Heat

Hot showers and baths dry out your skin making it look parched and dull. As much as we all love a scalding hot shower on a freezing day, turn down the heat and make your shower or bath super warm instead of hot.

2. Lay Off The Lather

High lather, foamy soaps strip the essential oils from your skin. Choose a gentle cleansing gel or soap with moisture enhancers to keep your outer layer soft.

3. Make The Smooth Move

Dry flaky skin kills the magic of a gorgeous party dress. A gentle body exfoliator will keep your skin silky smooth and radiant so it can glow in the candlelight.

4. Moisture And Glow

Winter skin screams for extra moisture, so every day when you get out of the shower love your skin up with a body balm, oil or lotion. Make sure you give extra to your elbows, knees and ankles to,prevent them looking grey and ashy.
On party nights, or when you're slipping into your LBD, make your limbs glisten with a body glow product.

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