Andy Biggs

Andy Biggs is one of Luca Magazine's all-time favorite hair stylists! His vast experience from pageants to editorial, he adjusts professionally to hit the mark each and every time.


Winter is here, and so is the new year! It feels like every year we make commitments to ourselves to get healthy. This year, let’s include making and keeping our hair healthy too!

For starters, have your stylist give you a good trim – this will help your hair start to grow faster and healthier. Go back to get another trim every three months to keep those split and frayed ends from breaking o .

Start doing a hair masque every two weeks. Masques help keep life, moisture and shine in your hair. For all of you blondes out there: check out purple and blue masques that not only hydrate your hair, but keep your blonde from going brassy, leaving you with that nice, icy cool blonde that you’ve been looking for. 

Ask your stylist for a nice shiny glaze to help seal your cuticle and add tons of shine. Your hair will love you for this! If you do color your hair, ask your stylist to use an ammonia-free color – this way, you still get all the beautiful color bene ts without the damage.

With the weather getting cooler and dryer, we tend to get a lot of yaways and static in our hair. There are two simple ways to help combat this: One is to use a spray shine that will help tame those bad boys while adding shine. The other is to keep a couple of static-guard dryer sheets in your purse! When your hair starts feeling unruly, take one of them out and rub it on your hair. Works like a champ. 

 If you are trying to grow your hair longer, there are plenty of hair and nail vitamins on the market – and a good, quality one and take as recommended. These will help give you the nutrients you need to have the healthy, thicker mane you’ve been wanting.

Lastly, don’t forget to use heat protectants! This will help keep your blow dryer and hot irons from frying your hair. You will surely notice a difference.

Getting your hair to healthy and happy is one of the best things you can do for yourself this coming year! 

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