Celebrity Hair Stylist Michael Kanyon

Recently at Luca's fall cover shoot, we were honored to meet celeb hair stylist, Michael Kanyon. We are in awe of his twenty years' experience and his extensive portfolio, including styling for magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Italian Vogue; his work with advertising campaigns for Ray Ban, Samsonite, and J Brand; and celebrity hair for countless celebrities, including Ashley Judd, Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum, One Republic, and Alicia Keys. Not to mention that he has been the Key Stylist on America's Next Top Model for 8 seasons! So when he began using American English products during our shoot, we took notice and asked him about the line. Turns out, they are his own products.

This line of vegan luxury hair products evolved after Michael met Stephen Durham on the set of a shoot. The two hit it off and became fast friends. For a couple years they kicked around the idea of doing a west coast accessible luxury haircare line. Stephen’s wife is vegan and had trouble finding products. Michael was driven to create products that were consistent and reliable on every hair type. Both loved the idea of creating product that is inclusive and made for every hair type, while remaining vegan-friendly – luxury with a conscience. 

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