Spring Nail Trends


Tracy VanBibber is the owner of state of the art nail salon, M3V The Nail Bar.

M3V has luxury mani/pedi services and specializes in boutique nail parties where groups can get their glam on! http://www.m3vnailbar.com/


Spring 2017 put our “Best Dressed Nails On”. Here are some sizzling trends to keep an eye on!

  1. Splashy Brights are certain to brighten up anyone’s day this spring. The OPI Neon line is the perfect “You Can’t Help But Notice Me” choice. Pick the stand out color in Gel or Regular Polish and go from winter dull drums to spring fling. (insert pics here)

  2. Sorry we just love “All That Glitters”! It is not a new trend, BUT it continues to be popular and the creativity with Glitter is endless - Glitter Rock Star (All Glitter - All Nails), Glitter fade top to bottom, Glitter fade bottom to top, Ombre nails… Endless options. (Insert Pictures here)

  3. Who can’t resist - Mirror nails, aka chrome nails! Capturing the attention of beauty gurus the world over - this chic look created in a number of stunning vibrant colors can be achieved with chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps or highly pigmented powders. The chrome powder is “rubbed” onto cured gel polish and sealed with topcoatMirror nails can be applied to acrylics or your natural nails. For a “May The Force Be With You” message try hologram nails - otherworldly! Although silver is the most popular, options are endless - ENJOY!!

    Nail shapes are a personal preference, but here are a couple pointers (excuse the pun) when thinking about what is right for YOU.

    Overall Tips (sorry another pun?!?):

    • Round - Low Maintenance; Square: A no-no if with wide nail beds; Oval: makes short, wide nail beds look slimming; Almond: for longer nails/slender fingers

    Three We Call Out:

    • Sharp Stiletto nails that are a manageable length are back. Coming to a ultra pointed tip, they scream “power nails” and should be matched with a Bold Red or even Black Gun Metal look to let all know ‘who’s in charge’.

    • Bare Ballerina has a squared-off tip that has the appearance of a ballerina pointed shoe. Nice option if you multi-task because the flat edge is less likely to break. Stick with natural, nude colors to show off the ‘naturally talented ballerina’ in YOU.

    • Natural Lengths are popular, functional and less expensive than acrylic. Add a jazzy glitter french tip - looks a little longer and gives them a playful look.

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