Rumur Stamps 

Rumur Stamps is a professional makeup artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Her passion for artistry began at a very early age, before her parents allowed her to wear cosmetics. At the age of 12, she started to study the techniques of Kevin Aucoin, and would wait for her parents to fall asleep each night so she could "practice" her skills. She began her career in cosmetics as a beauty consultant for Sephora in 2005, at just 16 years of age. After 4 very successful years with Giorgio Armani Beauty, beginning in 2012, Rumur embarked on her own journey in March of 2016. Today, she specializes in makeup artistry for professional photography, production film, and special occasions. Rumur believes every client should feel naturally enhanced and focuses on bringing out their own inner light. Her go-to style is warm with neutrals, extra emphasis on the eyes, and a polished complexion. When she is not doing makeup, she is always taking artistry classes, learning new techniques, and expanding her product knowledge. Rumur also enjoys working on creative projects for the local fashion scene, donating her artistry for various charity events, and spending time with her family.