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Today's outfit. A surprisingly good hair day. A night out with friends. Selfies are the best way to share what's making you happy. And here's how to do it right:

1. Practice makes perfect

Knowing your better side (unless you've been blessed with two good sides! 😏), your best smile...this is something you can figure out beforehand. Play around and decide, so when the time for the perfect selfie presents itself, you're ready!

2. Lighting

I asked pro photographer, Andrew Gleason, and he said lighting is crucial! Natural light is best, and here is his trick: Make sure that the light is directly in front of you - as opposed to side lighting or back lighting. Take a photo at the threshold of where a shaded area meets the sun - stand in the shade, facing the sun, with your toes just a foot back from where the sun hits the ground. If it needs to be indoors, you can use a selfie light that clicks onto your cell phone. In a pinch, Andrew's trick is to open up a black document on your laptop or desk top and take your photo in front of the computer - this will give you a soft lighting effect.

3. Makeup

Follow current trends. Our beautiful beauty director, Corinna Cooke, says natural is in! Go for a glowing, fresh-faced look with some shimmer. Check out her fab tips in our pro advice section.

4. Background

Keep your background clean and uncluttered...the focus of the selfie is, of course, you! You do not want anything distracting from or competing with you!

5. Filters

I love Snapchat filters...puppy ears?...enough said.

6. Angle

How you hold the camera is important. Experiment with angles, but typically the best is holding the camera slightly above you.  Chin down a bit (not tucked, um, hello double chin!).  Also, make sure to pack a selfie stick when you know you will be around your friends (but be careful as they are now banned in many amusement parks) - it's a necessity to get that perfect shot!

7. Have fun!

Selfies are a fun way to experiment with photos and a great way to capture a moment without relying on anyone else. Have fun and be yourself! Worst case, you just delete it.