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Luca Fall 2018 Alex & Bailee

Alex & Bailee

words | Daniel Larsen
photos | Andrew Gleason
Makeup | Carissa Ferreri
Hair | Scott King
stylist | Jennifer O'Bannon

Each other’s biggest fans, Bailee Madison and Alex Lange share, “Our relationship stems from a place of respect. We both have such respect for one another, and to us, that’s a very important piece to a healthy relationship.” Love, for some, may begin as high school sweethearts, or a meet-cute at a coffee shop, or even by swiping right, but for our amazing Fall cover starts, Bailee and Alex, love bloomed in a much more surprising (and adorable!) way. Alex laughs, “I actually met her mom first! We were at a clothing store-opening event. She had designed a T-Shirt for the company, and I was modeling for them. I saw Patti [Bailee’s mom] holding a bunch of bags and so I offered to help her carry them. She then introduced me to Bailee, and I immediately knew that I liked her.” The young couple became friends and talked for eight months before they began dating. In fact, they attribute the strength of their relationship to the solid foundation they built in those eight months. Alex continues, “We’re best friends before anything, and I’m very lucky to call her mine.”

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Luca Fall 2018 Gabrielle Ruiz

Gabrielle Ruiz

words | Taylor Guthrie
Photos | Mike Azria

Breakout star Gabrielle Ruiz hit the jackpot when she landed her television debut role as Valencia in the hit series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Although a satirical and dark comedy, the show features hysterical song and dance numbers, something Gabrielle has been preparing for her entire life. She studied ballet, tap and jazz at a local dance studio her hometown in South Texas. Although her love of dance was evident from the beginning, it wasn’t until college that she found her love of musical theatre after she garnered her first acting job as a resident company member for a summer theatre. After graduating with a degree in musical theatre, her ambitions developed a clear path: “I began focusing on my acting training once I moved to New York City post college graduation. It was then that I realized what it took to be a true triple threat and my auditions strengthened.” Strengthening these triple threat skills soon led Gabrielle to make her debut on Broadway singing and dancing in huge shows such as In the Heights and If/Then. The star's success grew and a big opportunity to switch platforms arose…

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Luca Fall 2018 The Ivy Walls

The Ivy Walls

words | Cece Guthrie
photos | Will Joines

The Ivy Walls is a new wave post punk band based in Los Angeles, comprised of lead singer Jeff Yanero, bassist Rodrigo Brea, keyboardist Ryan Varon and drummer Adam Walden. They recently released their 4th full length album Pheromones. The LA indie rockers collaborated with actor Chris Pine, who starred in their new music video for the album's second single "White Ocean".  Movie stars, models, and isolation are all held together in a sea of sound by the walls of the old Harvard House Motel that make up the new video. The band and Pine became intertwined years ago when they were playing around Hollywood on their first tour. The actor would attend their shows with mutual friends and given their cinematic approach to making music, it felt only natural to join forces. Pine first starred in the band's 2011 release "All I Want", but it would be several years until schedules would align for a new collaboration. We sat down with the band recently, where they shared how the band came about and their inspirations…

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Not Just A Man’s World

photography | Kelly Capelli
Make up | Corinna Cooke
hair | Drew Noreen
Model | Julia Williams, Ford/RBA
Stylist | Jennifer O’Bannon
wardrobe | Fashions by Robert Black


Bringing a feminine touch…

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