Still Lolo

written by Lauren Scruggs and The Scruggs Family with Marcus Brotherton

review | Katie Wisniewsk

A forward by Bethany Hamilton, (the inspiration for Soul Surfer), and written through the viewpoints of Lauren, and other family members, this is a faith provoking read, following a personal tragedy for the Scruggs family.  Lolo, a childhood nickname that stuck, was raised alongside her twin sister in the Dallas suburbs.  Their faith in a higher power grew after a divorce and remarriage within their family.  Continuing through college and post-college, Lauren grew accustomed to knowing when she was leading the life God intended for her, and when her path strayed from that calling.  

With her fashion acuity, she realized her dream in founding LOLO Magazine—a publication focused on fashion, art, beauty, and travel all tailored towards an enthusiastic, passionate young woman’s lifestyle.  She was months into its birth and launch when tragedy struck.

The evening of December 3, 2011, stopped them all in their tracks.  What was to be a fun airplane tour of Christmas lights through the Dallas suburbs, turned into a horrible accident in which Lolo walked into the still spinning propellers of the small plane she was riding in.  She miraculously survives, but her long journey in healing, both mentally and physically, is a serious test of faith and God.

We all encounter hardships, both big and small, throughout life.  This is a fabulous and hopeful story, and guaranteed reread, that captures the warrior spirit we all have inside us, to wage those battles and come out whole and filled with faith on the other side.   


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