Aber Gazzi | T-Gazzi 

Aber Gazzi is a British brand. As a child, she started developing illness in her vision that cost her an eye, so she never spoke much but liked to paint. She painted singers whose stories inspired her and from this, the brand was born. Gazzi continued to study people from different parts of the world, different sizes, heights, the way they look at life, and what they have in their thoughts - but most of all, she studies their body language. That’s where she gets most of her inspiration.


T-Gazzi by Aber Gazzi is a t-shirt  inspired by today’s life and the people around the world. “We call our t-shirts (T-Gazzi) because T stands for "today and tomorrow". Our brand has always been a huge supporter of human rights and we always try to show awareness. We believe that in every dark room there is always a small light that shines for hope.”  

The T-shirts are created and hand embroidered in a small studio in Milan. T-Gazzi has no sizes, is meant for all ages, and is unisex. There are 7 general designs, but each shirt made is slightly different than the others. Thus, you will always have a one of a kind T-Gazzi piece, designed just for you.