To the Core

words | Andrea Allen, fitness expert

photography | Kristina Toddy, EOL Photography

Building solid core muscles no longer need to include a regiment of 300 crunches to yield benefits. With correct knowledge and form, you can do a few minutes of exercises and see a huge difference in your abs, without even completing a basic crunch! These exercises will burn more fat and strengthen the core faster than normal sit-ups or crunches, and create lean arms and legs!

Get started this week with these new abdominal exercises three times a week to help tone up your core and increase your energy today!

Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank position with wrists in line with shoulders. Straighten your body so your weight supports the balls of the feet and hands. Bring a knee forward to the opposite elbow and slightly twist core to try to touch your knee to your elbow. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other knee. Complete 10 reps counting the knee movement of the right and left as one repetition.

Tuck Jump

Tuck Jump

Stand with feet no wider than shoulder width apart. Lower glutes to a squatting position and with continuing momentum jump into the air. While jumping, bring knees up towards the chest. Land with both feet on the ground firmly, and repeat 10 times.

Jack Knife

Lay flat on the ground with arms extended to your sides and legs straight. Bring one arm and the opposite leg up to the sky and try to touch your toe with your hand. Complete the same movement with the opposite arm and opposite leg. Repeat 10 times counting the right and left as one.

Tip: Core should make a twisting motion to bring hand and foot together.