Winter Hair Color

words | Heather Lenz, Celebrity Colorist @scottsdalecolorist

Stylists everywhere continue to innovate new colors and methods to make every person feel beautiful in their own skin. Winter is rolling in even more great ideas!

This winter blondes are a little sunnier. Fight those winter blues by adding warmer hints of gold and honey to your hair. Whether subtle baby lights or bold balayage, you and your colorist can decide what technique is best for you. Keep on trend with sunny blonde and dark brows. The dark to light contrast gives an eye-catching and sassy statement.

For you brunettes out there, think dark! This season it's all about daring and deep shades of espresso and even black. Depending on your skin tone, you can add hints of auburn or cool violets, but whatever you decide, dark is the trend of the season.

New to the scene is Ronze. It's a beautiful mix of coppery red and bronzy brown. There's a shade of Ronze for every skin tone. For darker skin tones, think brownish shades like on Rhianna or Selena. Medium and fair skin gals can have your pick. You’ll look great with fiery shades like Sophie or the ruddier darker shades like Bryce.

For some real holiday festivity, try matching your hair to your outfit with rainbow bangs. Get this look by using hair chalk. It’s easy to apply and washes right out when you're ready for a change. Splat Hair Chalk comes in a ton of fun colors for any occasion, and you can find it at any Ulta near you.


With the cold, dry weather comes dry, brittle hair. You’ll want to do everything you can to help keep your locks lush and hydrated. For finer hair try Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. This product is a great protectant against the overuse of your hairdryer and flat iron and leaves your hair with a layer of weightless oil and shine. If you have medium to thick hair, you should try something heavier like Oribe's Gold Lust Hair Oil. This stuff is like liquid gold. It will keep your tresses looking healthy and full of life all winter long.

When it comes to having healthy hair and enhancing your color, it's best to start with your shampoo. Color enhancing shampoos are a great way to alter your color at home without making a permanent change. Aveda has a great line of color shampoos and conditioners from Blue Malva, for blondes to keep that brass at bay, to Clove, to enhance warm brown tones, all the way to Black Malva, for those dark, cool looks. Whether on natural hair or already colored hair, any of these are a great product to keep on hand.

Whatever your skin or hair type, this season is a great time for change. Try something new, and you'll be sure to turn heads at your next holiday event.