A Day In the Life of Wrenn

photography | Devin Shauger
makeup | Matthew Pender
words | Corinna Cooke

Described internationally as one of the most exciting new voices in music right now, Wrenn is set to take the world by storm, albeit in her own way, and on her own terms.

Not just a (stunning!) pretty face, Wrenn writes all her own music and lyrics as well as writing songs for other recording artists and for television. She also produces, and in the footsteps of female superstars such as Madonna, she has her finger on every aspect of her career. Except Wrenn is no pop diva, her haunting vocals are definitely part of the alternative rock scene.

Recently Luca magazine was lucky enough to be at onset for the making of two new Wrenn music videos, “Letting It Go” and “I’m Tired Of Being Alone”.

Wrenn storyboarded and produced the videos herself, but had a full crew making it all happen. Both music videos were shot in her beautiful Los Feliz home. The night before was spent covering the walls in gold and blowing up 500 pink balloons. (If you’ve never seen 500 pink balloons, believe me – it’s quite something!)

On the day of the shoot:

8:00 am Wrenn’s makeup artist Matthew Pender (@mattysmakeup) arrives and gets started. The pair have worked together for a long time, and Matthew instinctively understands the subtleties that can make or break a fabulous look. He also completely understands the requirements of each job, which makes him L.A. gold when it comes to makeup artists!

9:00 am while hair and makeup are finishing up the 15 person crew arrives.

Under the supervision of director Emma Menzies the lighting is set up, thecamera angles get worked out, the production co ordinator, grips and gaffers all start working – there is so much work going on behind the scenes of a music video!

9:30 am the band (Edison Lo, Ben Masters and Dan Graham) arrives and sets up their instruments in the gold walled living room.

10:00 am the extras arrive. With the help of everyone the balloons are rigged to drop in the final scene.

11:00 with makeup, hair and wardrobe completed, and the set ready to go, it’s time to start shooting the first scene of “Letting It Go”, which takes place in the kitchen. This scene takes about 2 hours to shoot. ( A music video has multiple camera angles and multiple takes. These are edited in postproduction into the 3 minute mini movie which is a music video)

1:00 pm The first scene is complete and now they move into the living room to shoot the second scene, which has all the performance shots. This is the party scene with all the extras making up the partygoers, and it takes a little under three hours to shoot. The pace can be grueling; the task of getting all the angles, the close ups and co-ordinating all the extras is time-consuming.

3:45 pm finally it’s time for the balloon drop! There is only one shot, one chance for every single person on set to get it right!

4:00 pm Break time! The extras are released to go home while the band and crew take an hour break.

5:00 pm Back to work. The first video, “Letting It Go” is a very high energy, semi-ironic party scene; “I’m Tired Of Being Alone” takes place in the aftermath of the party, and just features the band with no extras. Everyone on this project has shot music videos before and automatically fall into the rhythm of hard work.

10:30 pm Thats a wrap! A super long, super exhausting, super amazing day is done.

These two songs, “Letting It Go” and “I’m Tired Of Being Alone” are off the upcoming Wrenn EP “Good Mo(u)rning, which will be available in March 2017.

There are a lot of cool/new/interactive things happening around the record in the following months, and you can keep up with them all via Instagram and twitter @WRENN. You can also see more from the making of the videos on her Instagram – just look for the pink balloons!

Learn more about Wrenn at her website: www.wrennmusic.com